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Flat Enameled Copper Wire (Brief Introduction)

Xinyu-enameledwire is one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of Enameled Copper Wire in the market.We manufacture Enameled Copper Wires using high quality raw materials which makes the wires extremely sturdy and shock proof.

The enamel insulation of magnet wire is formed of a chemical called polyesterimide. This is a class H insulation, as rated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This is the highest possible rating, and means that the wire can withstand temperatures of 356 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 20,000 hours. This makes enameled copper wire capable of carrying more current than wires of the same size insulated with anything else.

Feature of Flat Enameled Copper Wire :

High thermal class

High chemical stability

Good mechanical properties

High breakdown voltage, good formability

Material of Flat Enameled Copper Wire:

Drawing or extruding bare copper ((aluminum)) wire confirm to National Standard, smooth surface, no defects ;Good performance, Insulation varnish .

Application of Flat Enameled Copper Wire:

Typical applications include:


Watt hour meter



UPS power source

Electric welding machine

Inductive coil

The Copper Enameled Wires which we manufacture are widely used in a variety of industries for various purposes.Available in different sizes and lengths, we offer Copper Enameled Wires according to the specifications provided by the clients.

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