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Lubrication Performance of Copper Enameled Wire

Lubrication Performance of Xinyu Enameled Wire for Sealed Motor.

Sealed motors are mostly produced on high speed winding equipment. The winding speed of the winding machine can be as high as 1400~1600 rpm. The enameled wire must also withstand a certain tension when winding. This requires that the surface of the enameled wire should have good wear resistance and slipperiness to avoid the enameled wire being thinned or crushed during winding and weaving.

200 Enameled Copper Wire

In the past, the enamelled wire was commonly used as a surface lubricant. However, since the paraffin is easily precipitated from the refrigerant to cause clogging of the capillary in the refrigeration system, the surface of the enameled wire used for the refrigeration equipment is never allowed to exist in the paraffin-like substance. The solution to this problem is to apply a self-lubricating paint film to the surface of the enameled wire to make a self-lubricating enameled wire.

Self-lubricating QXY paints are actually modified by adding a lubricant to the QXY enameled wire paint. It is usually divided into two broad categories: one is modified by physical means, ie in QXY paint. One or more lubricants that do not participate in the film formation reaction are added; the other is chemically modified, that is, the lubricative substance participates in the reaction during the painting process, and the side which improves the surface lubricity is introduced into the QXY molecule. chain.

Obviously, both modification methods will have a detrimental effect on the performance of the Enameled Copper Wire . Because both the free lubricant and the lubricious side chain may change the degree of cross-linking of the paint film, deforming its body structure. Most of the properties of the enameled wire are related to the body structure of the paint film. Therefore, whether or not the self-lubricating paint contains a suitable lubricant has a great influence on the performance of the enameled wire.

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