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Best Wacom Graphics Tablets you Should Consider Today

A high-quality drawing tablet is essential for producing professional-quality artwork and designs. For many photographers, animator, artists and designers, there has only been one reliable name in tablets, Wacom.

Wacom is a very professional and reliable brand. Their graphics tablets are of incredible quality and are industry standard in the animation, gaming and film industries.

Are you thinking of buying the best wacom tablet for digital sketching, drawing, photo editing, online teaching, and more?

Since the company has such a vast array of models and types, It can be difficult figuring out what to pick for your needs.

To help in that regard, we’ve collected what we believe to be the best of its offerings right now. We have Included options for every type of user so whether you are looking for the best budget.

What is Wacom?

Wacom is a Japanese company that specialises in graphic tablets and related devices. It was established in 1983 in Japan.

From cinema and animation to auto-design and manga, Wacom comprises many creative customers worldwide.

Wacom also provides revolutionary user interface technologies and solutions to successful medical, educational, and other companies.

Wacom owns the pro market. Meanwhile, It has filled out the more affordable end of its range, with budget tablets to tempt those who don’t have huge amounts to spend.

Is a Wacom tablet worth buying?

Nowadays, There are many other options out there, cheaper ones, such as HuionXPPenUgeeGAOMONVeikk, etc. However, Even though Wacom tablets are relatively expensive, they are well worth buying.

Wacom tablets are often seen as being of more features and better performance. For example, the Cintiq Pro range display has wider color accuracy, higher resolution, and provides 27-inch and 32-inch screen size that other brands doesn’t have.

Thanks to a combination of solid build quality, extremely high-quality components. Every wacom tablet is built to last, which means you’ll be creating stunning works of art for many, many years to come.

Wacom produce the most precise, lag-free, responsive styluses in the industry that require no batteries to work. These pens comes with a lower activation force and can recognizes light pen strokes.

Wacom pen tablets and displays are built with artists’ needs in mind. they comes with good compatibility with practically every operating system and piece of artistic software.

Wacom have taken longer time to refine and hone their drivers within their tablet products. This, along with their features and design, mean they have a lot of extra capabilities that other brand’s products do not yet offer.

There’s lots of help and support online for almost anything you need because most artists use Wacom, so there’s a lot more info available for you compared to other lesser known brands.

We recommend saving up more for wacom if drawing quality, durability and longevity is concern.

What are the different types of Wacom tablets?

1. Drawing tablet without screen

Wacom Intuos and Intuos pro series are a really good pen tablets for beginners who getting started in digital art.

The main reasons for this is that they are much more affordable and quite durable.

They don’t have a built-in screen, so you will need to look at your computer screen while drawing on the tablet.

2. Drawing tablet with screen

Wacom Cintiq and Wacom Cintiq Pro series are drawing tablets with screen, which is ideal for illustrators and those doing a lot of line drawings.

Here, it pays to be able to look at what you are drawing as you draw it, exactly as if you were using paper.

In general you pay more for this privilege, but many prefer screened pen tablets for their ease of use, more natural and intuitive.

They still need to be plugged in to your computer to work, and will use your computer’s resources to work.

3. Standalone Drawing Tablet

Portability is crucial as you will probably draw, edit and write on the go. The Wacom MobileStudio Pro is a unique standalone graphic tablet for creative professionals who want the freedom to create anywhere.

You don’t need a laptop or a desktop to use it, as everything (screen, computer, and stylus) is within one handy box. Of course, they are the most expensive in general.

10 Best Wacom Drawing Tablets

Let’s go over the 10 different Wacom tablet models that are now in the market and see which one is the right for you!

We selected this list based on Price, features, specifications, and performance.

1. One by Wacom

2. Wacom Intuos

3. Wacom Intuos Pro

4. Wacom One 13

5. Wacom Cintiq 16

6. Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

7. Wacom Cintiq 22

8. Wacom Cintiq Pro 24

9. Wacom Cintiq Pro 27

10. Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 13

In conclusion

Wacom is the industry leader in the pen tablet field and with good reason – their products are well designed, well made and customisable in virtually every way imaginable.

This is a brief overview of all the Wacom tablets on the market to help you choose the right one for you based on your current skill level, your preferences and your budget!

If you’re a beginner who is looking to utilize a tablet for recreational use, you’ll likely be better off saving some money and choosing to one of the regular Wacom Intuos tablets.

If you’re a professional who is looking to invest in a tablet for multimedia manipulation, we highly recommend Wacom Cintiq display tablets.

If you are an advanced artist who is constantly on the go, and you don’t want to be stuck in one place. The freedom and portability of Wacom Mobilestudio Pro gives you will be worth that investment and more.

Whether you’re an artist, teacher, designer or photographer, these devices have a lot to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wacom

Which Wacom tablet is the best for beginners and professionals?

The Wacom Intuos, Intuos Pro and entry-level wacom cintiq is a fabulous choice if you are getting started with digital art. They are compatible with many platforms and has essential features you need.

The Wacom Cintiq Pro and Mobile Studio models adapt well to professional environments. They bundle many premium features like a vast color gamut, 8k levels of pressure, tilt recognition, multi-touch function, higher resolution, radial menus and etc.

How many pressure levels do you need with a Wacom tablet?

The number of pressure sensitivity levels indicates how realistic and natural your drawing experience will be.

The more pressure sensitivity a graphics tablet has. The more you will be able to vary the size of your strokes with pressure.

Most wacom tablets have a pressure sensitivity of at least 2,048 levels, which is adequate for most users.

However, if you want to achieve more realistic and expressive effects, you may want to look for a higher pressure sensitivity, such as 4,096 levels or more.

How do I install the drivers for my Wacom tablet?

To install the drivers for your Wacom tablet, visit the Wacom official website and download the appropriate drivers for your operating system. Follow the installation instructions provided.

Is it possible to connect a wacom tablet to an Android smartphone or tablet?

Wacom tablets are primarily designed for use with computers, but some models are compatible with certain Android smartphones or tablets. Ensure to check compatibility before purchasing.

Can I replace the pen that comes with a Wacom tablet?

Yes, you can usually purchase replacement pens for Wacom tablets. Check the Wacom website or authorized retailers for compatible pen options.

Can I use a Wacom tablet without a computer?

Wacom Intuos and Cintiq tablets require a computer or compatible device to function since they are input devices.

Only Wacom Mobilestudio Pro can work without a computer.


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