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Best Free Painting Apps on Android and iPad

Drawing is one of the most common and fun things. But gone are the days when you needed a pencil and paper to draw something.

Digital Art allows you to create any form of illustration whether portrait, logo, cartoon, or animation.

With Android drawing pads and Apple iPads that supports the pen input, you can create digital art no matter where or when you are.

When you have a mobile pen tablet, one of the many things you can do is get creative with the best drawing apps.

There are lots of great drawing apps available on the market. The only problem is, which one to pick?

To help you answer that question, we’ve rounded up the 12 best drawing apps for iPad & Android.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or a total novice, looking for a versatility, or a simple one, there is an option for you.

What does a drawing app do?

The drawing app come with a wide range of features, from basic sketching tools to more advanced ones with layers of filters.

It can help you to express yourself effectively and take your drawing skill to the next level.

12 Best Drawing Apps for iPad and Android

This list includes both free and paid apps, each one offers its own unique features and capabilities — whether that be precise vector art, bold line work, or digital painting.

1. Procreate

Procreate is a professional digital painting app for iPad with customizable brushes, layer options, and over 200 tools for sketching, drawing, and painting. It’s intuitive and versatile, making it a favorite among digital artists.

2. Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco is a digital drawing and painting app designed for artists and designers on windows and iPad.

It offers a variety of brushes and painting tools, including live brushes that simulate real media.

Additionally, it allows users to import and export their work across Adobe Creative Cloud apps

3. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a versatile painting and drawing app with a wide range of brushes, tools, and features.

4. Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint is a great all-around drawing tool that also includes a coloring feature. It offers a wide variety of brushes and tools, as well as the ability to import your own drawings.

5. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is a powerful app for comic and manga creation that also includes a wide range of painting tools.

6. Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a professional-grade digital art app for iPad and android with over 140 customizable brushes, layer options, symmetry tools, and other features for precision drawing and designing.

It’s suitable for artists, designers, and illustrators of all levels.

7. Artflow

ArtFlow is a great option for drawing and coloring on Android. It offers a wide variety of brushes and tools, as well as the ability to create layers.

8. Krita

Krita is a free and open-source digital painting and drawing software that is popular among artists, illustrators, and designers.

9. Medibang Paint

MediBang Paint is a free and lightweight app with a wide range of brushes and tools, as well as cloud storage for your artwork.

10. PaperColor

PaperColor is a great option for creating realistic drawings on Android phones and tablets. It offers a variety of brushes and tools, as well as the ability to import images.

11. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a vector-based drawing and design app that allows users to create and edit complex illustrations and designs.

12. Dotpict

Dotpict is a mobile app available for iPadOS and Android devices that allows you to create pixel art with a simple and intuitive interface.

It provides a grid-based canvas and a variety of drawing tools, including zooming and color picker features.


If you want to paint digitally and hone your artistic skills on iPads or Android tablets, these drawing apps are a great start to do so!

Each jam-packed with tools and features to help you get creative.

You can use them to creat beautiful artworks, or just for relaxing and passing the time by doodling whatever comes to your mind.

The best one for you will depend on your specific needs, preferences and budget.

It’s recommended to try few of these apps and find the one that suits you the best.

Hopefully you’ve found this article helpful in narrowing down your choices.

Happy drawing!

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What is the best drawing app for iPad?

Procreate is the favorite but Adobe Fresco and Clip Studio Paint have got a lot going for them.

Adobe Fresco uses Adobe brushes and Adobe fonts and can do some vector, Clip Studio has an amazing vector erase brush engine and you can do larger files than Procreate can.

Ibis Paint, Medibang Paint, and Sketchbook are free.

Are there any good drawing Apps on Android?

Clip Studio Paint, Ibis Paint X, Sketchbook, Infinite Painter — these are the ones that we know are very popular and commonly used for Android artists.

Is Apple Pencil or Samsung S Pen worth it for drawing?

The Apple Pencil or S Pen is definitely important as a finger and finger like stylus do not have pressure sensitivity.

With an ideal accessory like the Apple Pencil or S Pen, Which has palm rejection, pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition, you can get the most out of the drawing app and tablet.


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