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What is the Best Art Software for Digital Illustration?

If you’re trying to mimic traditional media, using charcoals, oils, watercolor, pencils and brushes, then you want a drawing software specifically for painting!

With so many options available, it becomes hard to make a choice that would best suit the kind of art you want to make, whether you’re just starting as a beginner or are a professional.

What you’d generally want is a digital illustration software that is compatible with the device you’re using, supports the kinds of tools you need for the art you create, the cost, and any additional features that a creative can play around with.

Some digital art software may even be outdated, while others keep experimenting and keep further development at the forefront.

Different digital artists look for various features in the software they’d prefer to use.

In addition, The price point is always something to consider, but not to worry, there are just as many free alternatives to good quality software as paid ones.

Considering all of this, here’s a comprehensive list of the digital art software that has the potential to be the right fit for you.

10 Best Free and paid Art Software for Digital Painting & Illustration

These are the 10 art programs that I personally like and would recommend:

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1. Photoshop

Photoshop is the industry standard, and preferred among most professionals, but it costs an ongoing subscription fee.

Photoshop’s brushes work so much better, virtually no lag and a lot of variety. Importing brushes from pros also works easily because.. most pros use Photoshop.

2. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is the best for doing Line Art, Paintings, Comics/Manga, and even 2D Animation.

Clip Studio has a lot of the tools Photoshop does, but is just more intuitive for the average artist. Also it is a one time buy, you don’t need a subscription.

Users value its quick loading time, lack of lag, pen stabilization for clean line art, and ability to export in PSD format for easy editing.

3. Krita

A lot of people use Krita as it’s free and have plenty of useful tools and brushes, but there is some learning curve to getting the most out of it.

4. Corel Painter

Corel Painter feels like an entire art store full of stuff, very realistic brushes especially for water colour and charcoal etc.

5. Rebelle

Rebelle is a top choice for artists seeking a realistic, versatile, and user-friendly digital painting experience that’s competitively priced.

Rebelle is really amazing at making painting feel very close to what is to paint on an actual canvas. The products you use like the paint and the canvas have an amazing interaction.

6. ArtRage

ArtRage is also an excellent and easy to use paint app that does a great job of simulating the flow and texture of real oils and watercolours.

7. Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro is a great tool to sketch when it comes to freehand drawings. Airbrush feature along with copic colors makes it perfect for art.

8. Medibang Paint

MediBang Paint is a free, lightweight and easy to use art program suitable for users who loves to illustrate!

9. Procreate

Procreate is a premium quality, low-cost app on Apple ipad for artists of every kind.

With abundant customizable features, expandability, and an attractive and intuitive user experience, anyone can create 2D and 3D paintings, drawings, hand lettering, and animations.

10. Paint tool SAI

Paint tool SAI is absolutely amazing for digital painting, but only available on windows devices.

It is so responsive to the pressure and movement of the pen and it’s great. Once you get the hang of it, it isn’t hard to use at all and you make amazing paintings.

What’s The Difference Between Digital Art and Graphic Design?

Digital art is a form of art that involves the use of digital tools to produce images and videos.

Meanwhile, graphic design is a profession that combines artwork, text, and typography for use in advertising, web design, and other forms of communication.

Digital Designers rely on graphic design software to create, edit, and view graphic art.

Krita vs Photoshop – Which Program is for You?

If you’re into basic drawing and sketching, A simple painting program like Krita might be enough.

But if you’re a professional artist needing advanced editing, photo manipulation, vector graphics, or extensive text tools, then a photo retouching software like Photoshop is the best.

To let you know, Photo Editing software allows users to stitch images the way they want, which can make all the difference in the final look of your photos. such as online photo editorRAW photo editor, etc.

Do I need a pen tablet to use with art program for drawing?

For hardware, outside of a half-decent computer and monitor, you may eventually want a drawing tablet with pen, whether that’s a screenless (such as classic Wacom tablets), or a drawing tablet with display.

You don’t need one to get started, and they take some learning of their own, especially screenless. Screenless graphic tablets for beginners are available for under $100, screen-in start around $200 for a very small decent one and go up from there.


Drawing software is an essential tool for an artist or illustrator, professional to novice wishing to create digital art.

The most important thing you need to consider when choosing the best drawing software is that you’re comfortable with it.

If you want a powerful drawing program that will give you the best possible experience you want Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint or other paid software.

If you can’t afford them, I recommend going with free software like Krita or Medibang Paint instead.

Free software can sometimes be less intuitive, but with use, you’ll get used to it instantly and let your creativity flow.

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