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Balance IT Hack and Cheats. Online Generator. Free All Levels!

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Balance IT is a simple, addictive, one-tap, physics based game. This game is completely free. This balancing game is designed for both adults and kids. Box, an animal, a fruit or a stick you need to stack! The game is aimed to train your patience as well as provide a lot of fun. Keep stacking up and hope you are not the one who tosses the tower. Players have to balance the pieces with different shapes and sizes, on top of one another, as high as they can. You can unlock more life by watching videos.There are around 60 objects to select from. It includes different type of boxes, bricks, fruits, animals, bottles, sticks, wooden shapes, etc.Around 18 different platforms and 10 different background themes are available in the game.How to play? Balance IT is very addictive and easy to play. Objective of the game is to stack and balance the objects as tall as you can without any of them falling off of the the platform. Tap the screen to drop the object.




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