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Monster Sweetie is a cute 3D monster collecting RPG.Various game scenes-Ranging from sky to earth to sea.-Day and night change, weather system. random places. Making a living world.Rich collection elements–More than 300 kind of monsters waiting to be collected. Each with unique skills and specialtys. Including 6 types.–Dozens of Rune suits to be colllected.Progeress elements–Swallow, Evolve, Enhance, Inherit monsters. you can even mate monsters to get unique descendants.–Rune upgrade.. Select runes you want to equipped.Multiplay game mode–PVE including conquer the dragon land,sky relic, explore the trial cave.–PVP including interaction,steal,rob,Arena PVP,random deserted mine battle.Strategic gameplay–Manual combat or auto battle with focues fire–Each monster has unique skills and specialty【Contact】




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