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Ninja Goemon And Immortal Jewel Hack and Cheats. Online Generator. Free Get a treasure!!

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Story … Originally Iga ninja ,Goemon aiming at the master thief of the world in last years of civil war era…—Story—Goemon,originally the Iga ninja, and his fellow, Chutaro, the master rat, helped a certain woman on one day and got a red jewel… Goemon is going to sell this precious jewel which is told to bring luck,but people chasing a jewel an outcome … they are rolled up in the plot.On earth what is the everlasting precious jewel?What is a wirepuller plotting a plot in the back?And what is a thing which Goemon really has to steel back?Characters with Goemon and others, famous thieves participate! Civil war and thieves RPG here!!—System—We adopt Jewel system! Put a jewel in a weapon like material of FF7 and fight!And I accumulate an anger gauge, and hammer in bringing sure death!Take the treasure chest of the random contents repeatedly and will make Goemon stronger.—Play times to clear—11~12 hours—recommended OS ver.—・Android 4.4.4HomePagehttp://azarashy.comPlease come to my homepage!!※This game is made by RPG Maker MV(Copyright : ©2015 KADOKAWA CORPORATION./Yoji OJIMA)I use the image of Shiren and Asuka from a purchase privilege of RPG Maker. There are no relations between this product and them.




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