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Even though the traffic payback can be huge

And link rep is way more important than the more commonly pursued link popularity – which is simply a count of how many sites link to yours. Leaving the field wide open for you. It’s that important. Not even close. I was exceedingly generous when it came to awarding style points for getting it right. Thinking there was something weird about that first group, I looked at some more. It might well make or break your success with search engines actually. Because it seems most still don’t get it. Because doing so will enhance your LINK REPUTATION. Link Text – The ResultsSo here’s the action step. (Which can easily be done by the way. If your site is about baby strollers it’s a darn good idea to ask link partners to use those two words as your link text. Especially since you know from what was revealed earlier that more than half your competition won’t be using those words in their links.

Please don’t just flash over what you just read without letting it sink in. That’s right. So much so, I felt revisiting this topic would be a total waste of time. But who knew? So just what was the misconception of epic proportions I was working under? Well, you see, I mistakenly assumed that most everyone clearly understood the importance of link text. Merciful Minerva! In other words more than HALF of these active link traders got it wrong!And trust me. Even though the traffic payback can be huge. Leaving me to conclude that when it comes to link text most cheerfully ignore their primary keyword phrase altogether. Out of about 40 potential linking candidates I found that when it comes to link text 3 used their URL7 used their site name 13 used some non keyword focused descriptor like “Vision Training for Tennis” when their site was about tennis fitness. It’s a powerful tactic with a big traffic payoff. And rank it right up with the rest of the sites dealing with the grub these hairy forest men eat.

Especially with Google. Hello! You listening?Given all that let me cut to the chase here. Hmmmm.) Looks like most need a refresher course on the basics of what link text to use to begin with. That way Google can’t help but conclude the page being linked to is about, what else? baby strollers! Result? Get enough links using those two words as your link text and sooner or later your site will rank well for the search term “baby strollers”. Apparently most don’t understand how critical this collection of choice words can be to their search engine marketing success.Okay so I was dead wrong. So that even if they are actively pursuing links, they’re only getting some of the ranking boost they might otherwise get from doing it right. So you can forget doing anything clever to make sure your listing shows up near the top of a links page – no matter how many links were on the page before yours.

Or for that matter, even close to right. You know the clickable part of your link? Or the part of your linking info that usually appears in blue and leads off most reciprocal links.In fact link reputation will trump just about anything else you can do to rank well. So I beg you. Guess not. And I’ll bet not half your competitors are even aware of it. Today. Evidently oblivious to just how important that is. Same thing. Again more than half used less-than-helpful link text. Link Text – The Big IdeaThe big idea is to include the focus keyword of the page you’re linking to in the anchor text of your link. One China Treadmill Home Fitness Factory that helps you maximize the benefit of link trading. But for some strange reason you get a bunch of inbound links using “orangutan chow” as the link text. If you aren’t already using your focus keyword phrase as the link text in your link request – start doing so now.Copyright 2005 John Gergye. Most likely Google will conclude your site is about orangutan chow. I mean let’s say your site is about baby lullabies. Link Text – The Study Now I base this observation on an admittedly small bit of research I did recently while looking for link partners


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