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Not just Mr Stark but Thor’s hammer, his armour, and even Loki’s Scepter is here. They also have his suit on display, but that is behind the glass door. Shetty High School & Junior College just couldn’t contain her excitement around the Captain America display, that has his shining shield. However, at the crux of it, the aim is to educate and disseminating information about the superheroes. Many children have watched the movies but now they know the history of each hero.I.D – on the origin of the S.T.N.The Hulk bay has his hand replicas and the entire history of how HULK came to be.T.I.T.N brings under one roof the Avenger costumes, props and gadgets for the fandom.Few of the Iron Man suit on displayTo all the Avengers fanatics whoever desired to see Tony Stark’s gold and titanium suit up close, or dreamt of lifting Thor’s hammer — now is your China Titanium sponge chance.

Ten-year-old Nima Nandolia of S.O. “I love Captain America because he is the first Avenger.A.The game desks and information on every hero is highly comprehensive and acts as an educational attraction for teachers and students.O. It so feels that at any given point of time all the superheroes will get into their suit and save the world,” says Nitesh while analysing the Thor Observatory.T. “This is so cool. Since my friend didn’t know much about him, all the info displayed helped us,” smiles Nima.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with NASA has a multi-room interactive display and educational attraction featuring a range of Avengers facets like costumes, equipment, props, special effects, classified research, games, virtual reality and chemical experiences, all to take the fans into the back-story of each superhero and villain.

The highlight of the collection is the Mark XLIV suit, and a game that lets you wear the suit and fight the bad guys. Why is Hulk green, or how many suits does Iron Man have?”.AThor’s hammerFor advertising professional Nitesh, the entire idea of even touching Thor’s hammer is a dream-come-true.H. The best part is the information about Captain America.T.—Ongoing till November 17, At Phoenix Mall, Lower Parelend-ofTags: avengers.


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