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How to use the lining when sewing clothes

enero 14, 2021 por China Fusible Lining Suppliers

To sew interlining, cut your pattern pieces usually just the main parts of the garment, like the body and sleeves, not the smaller details, like a collar) from the interlining fabric. Examples of synthetic interlining include Primaloft and Thinsulate. Flannel, fleece, […]

How to make your favorite cotton T-shirt last forever

enero 4, 2021 por China Fusible Lining Suppliers

When it comes to washing your cotton t-shirts, the first thing to pay attention to is the water temperature. You wouldn’t want to take a bath in water that’s too hot or too cold. Well, neither do your cotton t-shirts.Cold […]

Information about stable hem

diciembre 28, 2020 por China Fusible Lining Suppliers

A stabilizer can add crispness, structure, or volume to the hem of your garment. This is why they are almost always used in tailored jackets and coats, where a crisp look is so prized.Some stabilizers are used not to change […]

What is melt blown process

diciembre 23, 2020 por China Fusible Lining Suppliers

The final meltblown fabric properties are determined by the polymer resin, conditions in the extruder, ambient air conditions, the bonding method and the finishing treatment, among other process parameters.The output of the meltblown process is a microfiber with diameters ranging […]

What are the household non-woven fabrics

diciembre 22, 2020 por China Fusible Lining Suppliers

Nonwoven Fabric are used in a multitude of household applications ranging from cleaning and filtering to adding an aesthetic touch to the home. Used in bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, high performance Nonwoven Fabric can create comfortable, practical, hygienic and beautiful […]

Types and characteristics of medical non woven

diciembre 14, 2020 por China Fusible Lining Suppliers

At present, There are two types of medical non woven products. One is artificial tissues and organs with relatively high technological content. The other is non-woven medical products, such as surgical kits, medical gauze, tape, medical hemostatic cells, and general medical non-woven […]

How to use finishes and interfaces correctly

diciembre 8, 2020 por China Fusible Lining Suppliers

Details like interlining, lining, facing and interfacing can be overlooked in the garment construction process, but they make a huge difference in your finished product. If you’ve ever been confused as to what to use when, or how to address […]

How to use clothing non-woven lining

diciembre 7, 2020 por China Fusible Lining Suppliers

Interlining is basically anything used between  layers of fabric to give more body. A fusible interlining is thin layer made from woven, knitted or nonwoven material bonded mechanically or thermally which when fused with fabric panel can give reinforcement, durability […]

Is the hot melt adhesive lining waterproof

diciembre 4, 2020 por China Fusible Lining Suppliers

There are many ways to classify lining materials, and the following methods are commonly used to classify according to thickness and weight bai: light and thin lining  according to the type of base fabric and processing method: cotton, linen lining, […]

How to distinguish the material of microfiber cloth and non-woven fabric

noviembre 30, 2020 por China Fusible Lining Suppliers

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, microfiber cloth has become an integral part of then how do we distinguish between it and non-woven material? In fact, the method is very simple, we can distinguish the fabric according […]