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Discover all accessories for electric roller shutters

The shutters with manual opening as those with motorized opening have in common certain elements like the apron, the slides or the box (for the models in renovation). But others contain specific accessories.

Read this article to discover some of them.

remote control motor kit

Motors and motorization kits

We offer these two product ranges on our online sales site.

Instead, the engine is intended to replace a defective model. It fits very easily in the winding axis. To make your choice, you must take into account two elements:

The weight of your deck, which will determine the engine power. We offer 10 and 25 NM models.

Your current system. Is it a remote control or a switch? Depending on this, you can choose between a radio-controlled motor and a wired motor.

The remote control motor kit is ideal for a first installation. They are complete and supplied with complete instructions (list of tools, parts inventory and details of work). Sold individually or in pairs, these contain a tubular motor, a ball bearing, a cuttable shaft and a mouthpiece and for some a remote control and wall receivers.

Electrical and electronic accessories

If you are already equipped with this type of shutter, what follows will interest you. CaryMart offers many accessories that you will need one day or another.

With a remote control, you can replace the switches. If you make this choice, also consider installing specific receivers capable of receiving the signal.

You can also equip yourself with a programmer, which will allow you to order once and for all the action of several shutters, without you intervening.

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