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About Her New Role

Insiders say there will be two key advisers who would directly report to the new Congress president. The preparations have already started, with a stage being prepared where the certificate of election will be given to Mr Gandhi. Asked about her new role, she told reporters: “My role is to retire. On the stage will be Sonia and Rahul Gandhi along with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.. Her statement on Friday led to speculation that she might also hand over the CPP leadership to Rahul Gandhi.

Mr Gandhi will be handed over a formal certificate of being elected as Congress president by the party’s central election authority on Saturday. China Vertical Pump Thrust Sliding Bearings Outgoing Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi (Photo: PTI/File) New Delhi: Making way for her son, Mrs Sonia Gandhi on Friday stepped down as Congress president, with her son Rahul set to officially take charge on Saturday. Her blessings, wisdom and innate commitment to Congress ideology shall always be our guiding light. Once Rahul Gandhi takes over, he will be the sixth member of his family, and its fifth generation, to become Congress president.”

He added: “Sonia Gandhi has retired as president of Indian National Congress and not from politics.Insiders claim Mrs Sonia Gandhi may be appointed as the party’s patron.Mr Gandhi’s assumption of the Congress presidency comes two days before the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election results will be declared. Mr Gandhi has indicated earlier that there will be a judicious mix of young and experienced leaders, and nobody will be left out.”Mrs Gandhi is also leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP), which includes members of both Houses.


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