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Two of the treatment options available are a cataract operation

So to give you a little information about ophthalmology the team have written an informative article to help you understand how your eye functions and any possible condition to look out for:Macular degeneration is simply an eye condition which often leads to a gradual loss of vision in the macula (the centre of the visual field) due to damage to the retina. As it progresses, macular degeneration usually makes it difficult to recognise faces, however peripheral vision usually remains intact. There are two forms of macular degeneration; dry and wet. The first is caused when cellular debris accumulates behind the retina, whilst wet macular degeneration is regarded as more serious and is 4.5 telescope accessories caused when blood vessels grow abnormally in the choriocapillaris behind the retina. As the progression of macular degeneration can be slowed by taking vitamin supplements with high doses of antioxidants surgery of eye is never the first option for someone who suffers from macular degeneration.The type of technology being utilised by ophthalmologists will alter depending on the specific condition being treated.

In the instance of invasive cornea surgery a Ziemer LDV Femtosecond precision laser will be used. This equipment allows the surgeon to operate on the eye without having to use a blade. OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomographer)is fairly new non-invasive imaging technology that is being used more and more to map the shape, size and contours of the eye. For more complicated and specialist ailments there is also treatments such as Anti-VEGF drugs and Fluorescein angiography. These are just some of the equipment and procedures that are being currently used by ophthalmologists.A wide range of clinics can be found in a host of locations. The majority of these treatment centres are based in large cities like Leeds, Liverpool and London. It makes sense then that laser eye surgery in London could be your ideal solution if looking for eye surgery. These well-heeled established clinics will place you on a waiting list. This does mean that the the clinic is of the highest standard possible. In some cases, they can even be affiliated with licensed opticians hence a possible suggestion is to talk to your personal optician for their opinion before going to see an eye surgeon.Even though you may believe that cataracts only affects older people, younger people can be affected by the condition too. Known as congenital cataracts in the medical field, these cataracts develop before birth or just after. This condition is a clouding of the eye, varying in intensity from mild severity to complete opacity. Symptoms include near-sightedness (myopia) due to increased focus of the lens, the slow yellowing of the lens and difficulty in seeing the colour blue.

Two of the treatment options available are a cataract operation or cataract surgery. If treatment is not provided loss of vision and even blindness can result. In the elderly the condition leads to shrinkage of the lens and swelling.In Great Britain, there are college and university courses which can supply ophthalmology degrees. Good examples of the educational institutions include The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, the Royal College of Glasgow and, the Royal College of Edinburgh. In order to become a qualified ophthalmologist within the UK you will need to hold one of these qualifications. Following the passing of the exams, most of the students often gain placements at the NHS in order to further their practical skills and gain essential knowledge. In fact, some of the larger laser eye specialists even offer training programs to help students become fully qualified ophthalmologists. However, more often than no these are vocational courses, which are taken after acquiring a postgraduate qualification.After reviewing the above descriptions you should now have a deeper understanding of how your eye functions and how to spot a serious condition.


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