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What material is better for male sex dolls?

What material is better for male sex dolls?

In terms of texture and softness, which is closer to real people, tpe or silicone, many lovers of robot sex doll are always puzzled. I can only tell you that both materials are good, depending on what field you are applying to and what needs you prefer.

WM TPE Sex Doll

We compare TPE male sex doll with silicone dolls. In terms of price, silicone is definitely more expensive, but its smell is smaller than Irontech Doll, and it is harder and feels smoother and more delicate. The hardness of TPE dolls is very soft, has a little smell, and has good ductility. Tpe is a blend of rubber oil and SEBS powder, so it usually produces oil, so it needs regular bathing and powder maintenance.

For another example, an injection molding company needs to produce dust masks and wants to choose silicone and TPE raw materials for production, but the factory only has injection molding machines and does not want to invest in other equipment, then his preferred material must be thermoplastic elastomer TPE raw materials. Because silica gel needs to be vulcanized, special production equipment can be used.

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However, if the product grade requirements are very high, and the customer pursues the touch and food-grade requirements, then the silicone ZELEX Doll has a certain advantage. So which one to choose is still a trade-off.

We mentioned the food-grade requirements above, mainly for some kitchen utensils, which are in direct contact with oily food, and need to pass the n-hexane test, and the high temperature resistance, silica gel can withstand high temperature up to 200-250 degrees Celsius, at this time, choosing silica gel is not. Second choice.

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The price of TPE raw materials is relatively lower, and the residual nozzle material in the production process can be reused repeatedly, which greatly reduces the production cost of the enterprise. From the above knowledge points, we can see that which is better between TPE and silicone is a false proposition in itself. We still have to choose the suitable raw materials according to the performance requirements of the products.

Which one is closer to a real person, TPE or silicone, if you just pursue visual effects and look more like a real person, then the silicone product is more like a real person, but it has poor extensibility and is easy to tear, and its softness is not as good as that of TPE material. Silicone dolls placed in the exhibition hall are very suitable for photography. The head of the silicone doll can only be transplanted with hair, but TPE dolls are generally bald and use wigs. There is no parting line for TPE dolls, and the molds formed by silicone are pieced together, so there is a parting line.

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