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The permanent magnet servo motor has 3 phases and ground

Otherwise cooling is required on the motor (fan or blower, cold plate or larger radiator). Is the motor lacking phase? Usually, if the servo motor is stuck in the machine, a specific motor phase will flow more current than the other two phases, and short circuit before the other two phases. Typical values ​​are less than 20 ohms. If the motor is connected to the servo driver, please turn off the driver power. Check the ambient temperature of the motor according to its rated current. These should measure the same resistance between the motor phases. If the ambient temperature is high, you need to reduce the motor rating and adjust the drive current setting. Use the driver to control the power supply or keep it active to avoid overcurrent. Different manufacturers use different designations for their motor phases (UVW, XYZ, 1-2-3, ABC), but for this test, it is deliberate. Disconnect the motor phase and ground wires from the drive. You can view the servo drive and if it is a newer digital drive, an error log will be displayed. Observe the manufacturer’s claims to obtain the time for the drive to dissipate the voltage.) These standard lines are larger than the response lines. In this situation, when the motor is running, the driver sends too much current on all three phases.

If the ambient temperature is high, the current is reduced. These should measure infinite resistance.. Some standard servo motors also have reaction equipment, such as incremental encoders (with Hall Blower motor sensors), absolute encoders or resolvers. Use an ohmmeter to check the resistance between the three motor phases (1-2, 2-3, 1-3). (Please pay attention to the connection so that you can connect from scratch after the test. Older drives may have a fault indicator, which may indicate motor problems, overcurrent / bridge / I2T problems, or other issues. There is no need to disconnect the reaction line from the drive. If the motor phase is shorted (close to 0 resistance) or the ground is shorted, the motor needs to be replaced or repaired. The drive also monitors successive and peak currents to the motor in succession, and has limited it to the motor’s rating range. However, if the control power is reset on the drive, and the motor has cooled enough to thermally open and close, this maintenance function may be destroyed; otherwise, the maintenance function may be damaged.

If you rely on the motor’s thermal switch to maintain the motor, limit the driver’s peak current to twice the motor’s subsequent current rating.吗 Are all three motor phases shorted? It is unusual for all three phases of servo motors to be shorted. Also check the resistance between motor phase and ground. The reaction cable can be part of the motor power cable or it can be separate from the motor power cable. Check to see if the drive is connected; it is standard equipment for Parker drives and cables. In the future, you will be able to reduce the current on the drive to avoid motor overcurrent. Check that the drive’s motor equipment is correct and that the current settings match the motor rating. The motor rated current is also based on the assumed ambient temperature



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