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One of the best things about summer is that

If your metal furniture is an older piece and it’s not rust resistant, a metal-protector spray will help save your furniture. Cushion ProtectionIf you’re one of those people who love cushions all over the place especially outdoors, this tip is for you! Similar to how your outdoor furniture needs protection, the cushions too need it. By applying a material-specific protectant to your furniture, you will help shield the frame of your furniture from the sun and other elements. They are not invincible to the summer rays that hit them directly. This investment will improve the lifespan of outdoor furniture.3.4. The covers should be made of polyester, vinyl or canvas, waterproof and UV-resistant. Apart from offering versatility and durability, the latex seals the wood fibres and protects it against water penetration.2. Don’t forget the metalLike how your wood furniture needs protection, metal furniture too needs protection.

Furniture CoversWith outdoor furniture, follow the motto – ‘when not in use put it away or cover it up’. Our outdoor furniture too needs the same kind of love and care that our indoor furniture get. Make sure the protectant you purchase repels moisture and stains.1. But the maintenance will vary between wood types. They also work best with a sanding and a fresh coat of a good outdoor varnish to prevent drying or cracking. Use an oil based soap with a soft bristled brushes. ScrubYour outdoor furniture will benefit a lot if you give them a mild scrubbing before the start of summer and end of the season. But, while doing all of this, we tend to forget about the furniture that we place on patios or beside the pool that helps us in entertaining. RefurbishingA great DIY project during Fire couplings manufacturers the summer is to paint your outdoor furniture. A great investment would be to purchase furniture covers in various sizes and types.

One of the best things about summer is that you get to spend most of the time outdoors, doing a number of fun activities with your family and friends. And with summer becoming harsh every year, extra amount of care needs to be given to them.5.. These covers, should offer complete coverage from the sun. Hose it down completely when you’re done scrubbing . Be it swimming or lounging near the pool, a barbecue with friends etc. Given below are a few ideas that will help you protect those lovely pieces of furniture and make them look brand new. Choose latex paints which will give you different levels of protection. This will not only give your furniture a makeover but also protect it. Before bringing them outside, apply a fabric protector to help prevent patio furniture damages like stains, mold and mildew.Metal furniture too needs protection


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