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The previous history of the pure copper strip circulation of copper

, It’s amazing. This undoubtedly records the previous history of the time and has become the ‘living teaching material’ and ‘living cultural relics’ that now understand the changes of the previous history. Since the beginning of circulation in 1900, it was gradually replaced by paper-based corner ballots and nickel in the 1930s.. The practices of the Beiyang government period were even worse. The copper yuan produced was of low quality and increased in face value, in order to make huge profits. But in the meantime, the phenomenon of indiscriminate competition, private distribution of fertilizers, and unruly rules emerged endlessly, which made the texture of the copper yuan bad and how much money it plummeted. Provinces not only did not stop manufacturing, but also built new factories one after another.

According to Liang Qichao’s record of the amount of copper coins in various years, Guangxu had 1,741,167 pieces in 30 years, 46,969,200 pieces in 31st years in Guangxu, 1,709,384 pieces in 32nd years in Guangxu, reached 28,512,000 pieces in 33rd years in Guangxu, and fell back to 34,400 years in Guangxu 1428,000 thousand. Such an unreliable and unreliable wind has naturally reduced the value of copper dollars.Copper plate is a general term for all kinds of new copper coins that have been cast since the end of Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of my country. It is different from the square hole copper coins in the past and has no holes in the middle.

The destruction of the Qing dynasty made my country enter the period of the Republic of China, but in the early days, warlords from various regions fought against each other according to their strength, and then they set up factories to make copper coins to raise military expenses. According to the budget, from 1900 to 1917 alone, there were 32 billion bronze coins in Dangshiwen minted in various provinces across the country, and there were more than 400 types of panlong pictures on the opposite side of the copper coins in the late Qing Dynasty.

From the perspective of the issuance of copper coins, in addition to the copper coins issued by the Qing government, there are also copper coins cast in various places, and the issuance volume is year after year. But during these 30 years, because of the earth-shaking changes that took place in China, during which the destruction of the Qing dynasty and the emergence of warlord warfare, China’s money and silver issuances have been in chaos, resulting in the phenomenon of a large number of copper coins, a mess of varieties, and many versions. After the Northern Expedition, the copper dollar was gradually replaced by nickel coins, and gradually withdrew from circulation. The previous history of the pure copper strip circulation of copper yuan in my country was only more than 30 years. It is an important part of my country’s modern money and silver system


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