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However Qian Jun said that the growth

However, Qian Jun said that the growth of Zhou Qi takes time and patience. Qian said that for overseas players such as Zhou Qi, they will encounter various challenges after entering the NBA, such as how to break through cultural barriers Tyler Motte Jersey, how to manage to integrate into the team, and overcome language barriers. Therefore, taking into account the first arrival of Qi Qi, fans must be patient. Half back, the referee by watching the video to make corrections, halftime almost suspicious step on the line 2 points is actually 3 points, the score has become 52-55, here Danny – Green dunks Succeeded, the Spurs will chase the points to 1 point, where Little Rivers try to score one-third, Aldridge hit the basket caused Wesley – Johnson fouls hit two free throws after the Spurs go-ahead score, after Aldridge is one of two free throws in the third quarter to 9 minutes 36 seconds left when the two teams hit 56 flat. In the Gay and Murray after the play Artemi Panarin Jersey, the Spurs suddenly hit a wave of 21-7 climax Cam Atkinson Jersey, and Clippers or weakness. After the opening, the first 4 minutes 8 seconds, big Morris passing mistakes Alexander Wennberg Jersey, Dennis – Smith steals. The first 10 minutes 2 seconds, Meijerri foul in Wall shooting, gave the Wizards two free throw opportunities. The first 10 minutes and 14 seconds, Harris sent a subtle pass, Barea third hit a long shot. Calf played smooth with this section of the team completed a total of 11 assists, of which Dennis – Smith sent his teammates four pass. Dallas Mavericks feel quite good this season, the team shooting 62.50%, 61.11% win over the Wizards, Dennis – Smith, only this section scored 9 points. The first section of the Battle, the field score is 36-34, the Mavericks leading 2 points.

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