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Stellite Alloy (Various Grades)

As mentioned in the previous article, Stellite Alloy has been widely used as a special engineering material. It has excellent performance in high temperature resistance, wear resistance, cavitation resistance and corrosion resistance, but the performance of alloys of different grades is also very different. Some grades of alloys are designed for a specific purpose. When used, the grades must be carefully selected to achieve superior performance. Apart from the alloys mentioned above, the main properties and uses of various types of some stellite alloys are summarized as follows:

1.Stellite F

The alloy is specially used for the hard surface coating of the valve exhaust of the internal combustion engine to enhance the cavitation and corrosion resistance.

2.Stellite SF6, SF12

The alloy is a hard-faced alloy coated with a spray-melting process that can be machined to a hardness similar to that of the Stellite 6,12.

3.Stellite 4, Stellite 12, 12P

These alloys harder than Stellite 6. They have favorable wear resistance with 43~48HRC, but have poor mechanical impact resistance. Stellite 4 is a casting alloy that can be machined with excellent high temperature strength used for a hot stamping die and hot extrusion die for copper-based alloys and aluminum alloys. Stellite 12 is a hardfacing alloy that can be machined and applied to the surface of long cutting tools in the carpet, plastics, paper and chemical industries.

4.Stellite1, Stellite Alloy 3 , Stellite 20

These three alloys have a carbon content of up to 2.5% and a carbide content of more than 30% in the structure. Therefore, the alloys have strong abrasive wear resistance and corrosion resistance. These three alloys have high hardness with 52 HRC, which is difficult to machine, and is generally used for casting or as a hard surface material for coating, pump sleeves and rotating seal rings, wear panels, bearing sleeves and workpiece holders for centerless grinding machine.

With high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, Sytop Valve Seats are made of stellite alloy 3.

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