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Stellite Alloy (Various Grades)

Jueves, enero 10, 2019

As mentioned in the previous article, Stellite Alloy has been widely used as a special engineering material. It has excellent performance in high temperature resistance, wear resistance, cavitation resistance and corrosion resistance, but the performance of alloys of different grades […]

Brief Information of Sytop Stellite Alloy 4 Bushing

Lunes, diciembre 31, 2018

As a professional Stellite Alloy manufacturer, sytop has stable products with good quality and excellent senior technicians, which can guarantee we produce the first class stellite alloy. Brief information of Stellite Alloy 4 Process : Powder Metallurgy , it is […]

The Origin and Development of Stelltei Alloy 3

Viernes, diciembre 28, 2018

The Stellite Alloy are hard alloys which can resist various wear, corrosion and oxidation at high temperature. The alloys are applied to wearing surfaces by various surface strengthening process, or alternatively as casting parts. In this article, I will introduce […]

Stelltie Alloy Blade Supplier – Sytop COBALTALLOY (Service)

Miércoles, diciembre 19, 2018

Cobaltalloy is one of the leading Stellite Alloy supplier offered at an unbeaten price. We can produce both standard and special prosucts. We can make them according to your drawings and samples. We are proud to support our customers to […]

3 Points to Purchase Cobalt Chrome Alloy Welding Wire

Viernes, diciembre 7, 2018

Cobalt Alloy welding wire, HS101 high chromium cast iron surfacing wire surfacing layer hardness HEC48-54 Main features and uses; Surfacing layer has good oxidation and cavitation resistance, high hardness and good wear resistance. Used in applications requiring strong wear and […]

Applications of Sytop Stellite Alloy Products

Lunes, diciembre 3, 2018

SYTOP cobalt based alloy/ Stellite Alloy is a range of cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloys designed for wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high termal resistance. It has excellent wear and corrosion resistance performance at relatively high temperature. It is widely used in oil&gas, […]