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An elevator company is in Custom Panoramic Elevators

An elevator company is in Custom Panoramic Elevators, install, maintain and

refurbish elevators. These devices first started being used for human

transport during the 1800?s when a man named Elisha Graves…

An elevator company is in business to design, install, maintain and

refurbish elevators. These devices first started being used for human

transport during the 1800?s when a man named Elisha Graves Otis

introduced his invention at the New York World?s Fair. The name ?Otis?

is still associated with elevators and the Otis Elevator Company still

exists today. Wordsmiths who don?t know anything about these products

are still probably quite familiar with the inventor?s name because it is

a frequent crossword puzzle clue. In England, this mechanical box is

called a ?lift? which certainly makes sense. In order to have yours rise

above the rest, there are a few things to keep in mind:

– Safety: Make sure the business you?re working with has an excellent

safety record with all the lifts that they?ve installed and serviced.

Make sure all individuals who ride in yours know basic safety rules such


– Stay clear of the door as sensors don?t always work.

– Do not enter an elevator that is misaligned. If the door opens and it?s partially between floors, don?t enter the platform.

– Don?t play around with the controls. These devices aren?t toys and monkeying around can cause the lift to break down mid-ride.

– Decor: Elevators can be decorated in pleasing ways that make your

office or commercial establishment shine. Some examples are mirrored

walls to make the small space more open, wood paneling to make the cab

appear distinguished, ceilings decorated in mosaic or stained glass to

add an artful touch, recessed lights for a contemporary design touch and

many other options. Handrails are also a nice touch, especially for the

elevator phobic individuals who need to get a grip to feel more secure.

– Music: Elevator music has become a genre classification all in itself.

While some musical aficionados may turn up their nose at these humble

tunes, others find it as satisfactory as Wonder Bread. Another name for

this type of music is Muzak. These light songs are often watered down

classics such as songs from The Beatles, Frank Sinatra or The Rolling

Stones. As a musician, you know your creations have gone mainstream when

you hear their watered down versions being piped into the lift as you

ride up to see your dentist on the 7th floor of a medical facility.

– Example of the try-try-again philosophy: We?ve all heard about the

failures of famous inventors before they finally invented the one that

turned their lives golden. Col. Sanders tried to get over 1,000

restaurants to try his fried chicken recipe before he hit pay dirt. Walt

Disney was fired from his newspaper job because he ?lacked

imagination.? And Elisha Graves Otis had multiple failed businesses such

as a sawmill and a gristmill before inventing the elevator as we know

it today.

Because of the American Disability Act, all multistory public buildings

must have elevators in addition to ramps, handicapped accessible

bathrooms and other disability friendly fittings. Whether you?re

planning to build a new commercial structure, refurbish an old one or

just need a repair job, a competent elevator company will keep you from

getting the shaft.


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