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Open Type Roatry Screen Printing Machine (Slurry BLockage)

Miércoles, marzo 6, 2019

During use, the rotary screen may be blocked on the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine . The infiltration of the slurry is not sufficient so that the printed pattern is not clear and random matching will appear, which affects […]

Common Fault of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Viernes, marzo 1, 2019

Many factors will affect the deviation of the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine belt. The main points are as follows: the deformation of the printing belt, the unevenness of the tension of the belt tension roller, and the supporting […]

Hot Air Stenter (Work Principle)

Martes, febrero 26, 2019

The Hot Air Stenter is mainly composed of a feeding device, a preheating zone, a high temperature setting zone, a cooling zone and a cloth discharging device. The feeding device is to make the fabric perpendicular to each other under […]

How to Make Hot Air Stenter Machine Clearly

Sábado, febrero 23, 2019

The Hot Air Stenter setting machine is widely used setting equipment in production. According to various types of stenter, it can be divided into clip stenter setting, needle plate stenter setting and needle and clip stenter setting. Domestic M751 stenter, […]

Printing knowledge about Flat and Rotary Screen Printer III

Lunes, febrero 11, 2019

As stated in the previous article, in addition to printing classification, I would like to make an introduction about Hot Air Stenter printing for you. 1. The problem of several sets of versions: simple ones can be seen by ourselves. […]

Primary Features of Hot Air Stenter

Miércoles, enero 30, 2019

Zhejiang Licheng focuses on design, R&D and manufacturing a series of printing and dyeing machines, such as Hot Air Stenter , Flat Screen Printing Machine, and rotary screen printing machine. We provide superior services and high quality products at a […]

Licheng Hot Air Stenter Control System Requirements

Viernes, diciembre 14, 2018

The Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine is a method of printing using a seamless cylindrical screen. It began in the 1960s and developed rapidly, becoming a new printing method for fabrics. The rotary screen printing machine is characterized by […]