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    Miniatura Drawing Tablet Christmas Gift 2019 for Digital Artists & Painters Christmas Day 2019 (also known as Christmas) is a religious and cultural holiday, celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day 2019 is celebrated annually by Christians on December 25 in the United States and throughout the world. The holiday season is upon […]

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    Miniatura If you’ve ever tried to draw on a computer using a mouse, you know how difficult it is to draw a straight line, let alone a recognizable picture. The necessity of a drawing tablet is obvious if your job or habits require even the slightest bit of digitization. Graphic designers, engineers, architects, and digital artists […]

  • MiniaturaWe may heard about graphic tablet , but not know much about it. So I would like to share some my opinion about this kind of product. With the developing of the computer art painting, the graphic tablet comes out. Using the graphic tablet to draw, just like the painter draw with his palette and brushes. […]

  • Miniatura I’ve been using an Intuos (using a Pro M now) for around six years, It was a model that didn’t have a display screen. and I’ve been using the iPad Pro+pencil combination for a little over a year. I do 2d digital art semi-professionally, mostly involving linework/comics. The software I use (Clip Studio Paint) is […]

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    MiniaturaIf you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, or digital artist you’ll know that a drawing tablet can boost your creativity and streamline your workflow. Their ability to turn hand drawings into accurate digital representations is enough to tempt beginners and seasoned professionals away from traditional pencil and paper, and as the trend grows so do the number […]

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    Miniatura XP-Pen’s Deco Pro is a step up for this long time Wacom Bamboo user. I bought this after having used my bamboo tablet for almost a decade now and I decided it was time for an upgrade. After seeing some artists I follow talk about XP-Pen, I looked them up and found the Deco Pro […]

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    Miniatura I’m a newbie artist who is getting into digital art because I really liked drawing on my Pixelbook but wanted something better, both with hardware as well as software. I really liked being able to rotate and move the canvas with my fingers while drawing on the Pixelbook. This made digital art very enjoyable and […]

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