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  • rawrubber wrote a new blog post: Frequency matching is also very important   hace 2 días, 23 horas · Ver

    Frequency matching is also very important. This is firstly because the ultrasonic transducer can only work at its resonance frequency, so the drive power supply, horn, and mold (tool head) should all work at this frequency. Generally speaking, this difference should not exceed ±0.1kHz at most, and it is better if it can be smaller. […]

  • The main consideration when using an ultrasonic transducer is the matching with the input and output ends, followed by mechanical installation and matching dimensions. The frequency of the transducer is relatively intuitive. The frequency refers to the frequency measured by the transmission line method with a frequency (function) generator, millivoltmeter, oscilloscope, etc., or the frequency […]

  • rawrubber wrote a new blog post: The requirements of the device are different   hace 1 semana, 2 días · Ver

    The ultrasonic transducer can vibrate regularly under the excitation of a suitable electric field, and its amplitude is generally about 10μm. Such an amplitude is not enough to directly complete the welding and processing procedures. After connecting to a reasonably designed horn, the amplitude of the ultrasonic wave can be changed in a large range, […]

  • rawrubber wrote a new blog post: Ultrasonic transducer is a kind of energy conversion device   hace 1 semana, 5 días · Ver

    Ultrasonic transducer is a kind of energy conversion device. Its function is to convert the input electrical power into mechanical power (ultrasound) and then transmit it, and it consumes a small part of the power (less than 10%). Therefore, the main consideration when using an ultrasonic transducer is the matching with the input and output […]

  • Ultrasonic testing transducers are mostly working in transient state & transduction The study of the transient characteristics of the sensor is actually to explore the The characteristics of signal transmission under the number, mainly include the following parts & First, the probe is excited by a known electric pulse and generates Ultrasonic impulse response characteristics […]

  • rawrubber wrote a new blog post: Testing ultrasonic transducer   hace 2 semanas, 4 días · Ver

    The detection ultrasonic transducer is to realize the generation and reception of ultrasonic signals Main components With the development of non-destructive flaw detection technology, The theoretical discussion and design and manufacture of energy devices have received extensive attention & projects The pre-detection ultrasonic transducer is mainly made of piezoelectric material Ceramic ultrasonic transducer, electrostatic transducer, […]

  • rawrubber wrote a new blog post: Piezoelectric material performance   hace 1 mes · Ver

    In the development of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers, piezoelectric materials Performance improvement is the key. According to reports, relevant units at home and abroad have developed A new type of piezoelectric single crystal material (AB; CAD and AE; CAD) The piezoelectric constant is the existing traditional piezoelectric material (such as lead zirconate titanate material) Material) several […]

  • The transducers that work based on the principle of piezoelectric effect are collectively called piezoelectric transducers. In the field of power ultrasound, the most widely used is the sandwich piezoelectric transducer Energy device, also known as composite rod transducer or Langzhiwan transducer , In addition to the commonly used longitudinal vibration mode transducers, in order […]

  • rawrubber wrote a new blog post: Analysis method of ultrasonic transducer   hace 1 mes, 1 semana · Ver

    The ultrasonic transducer contains the circuit system, mechanical vibration system and Acoustic system, and the three are organically combined when the transducer is working To become a unified whole & this determines the research on it The research method is a combination of electronics, mechanics, acoustics, etc. Method, and through the analogy of electric 3 […]

  • rawrubber wrote a new blog post: Performance parameters of ultrasonic transducer   hace 1 mes, 1 semana · Ver

    Ultrasonic transducer is an energy conversion device, its performance description Many parameters are needed for evaluation & the characteristic parameters of ultrasonic transducer include Resonance frequency, bandwidth, electromechanical coupling coefficient, electroacoustic efficiency, mechanical Quality factor, impedance characteristics, frequency characteristics, directivity, transmission and reception Sensitivity, etc. & the performance parameters of transducers for different purposes Different, […]

  • rawrubber wrote a new blog post: Types of ultrasonic transducers   hace 1 mes, 2 semanas · Ver

    There are many types of ultrasonic transducers & according to the mechanism of energy conversion And the transducer materials used can be divided into piezoelectric transducers and magnetostrictive transducers Transducer, electrostatic transducer (capacitive transducer), electromagnetic acoustic transducer, Mechanical ultrasonic transducer, etc. & According to the vibration mode of the transducer, it can be divided Longitudinal […]

  • Ultrasonic transducers convert alternating electrical signals into acoustic signals within the ultrasonic frequency range or convert acoustic signals in the external sound field into telecommunications Energy conversion device, it is a key device in ultrasound technology, its performance is directly related to the effect and scope of ultrasound application technology, due to ultrasound The application […]

  • rawrubber wrote a new blog post: Fusion welding method of ultrasonic device   hace 1 mes, 3 semanas · Ver

    1. Welding method: Under moderate pressure, the welding head vibrating with ultrasonic wave and high frequency causes frictional heat of the two plastic joints and instantaneous fusion welding. The welding strength is comparable to that of the body. Appropriate workpiece and reasonable interface are adopted. Designed to achieve watertightness and airtightness, and eliminate the inconvenience […]

  • rawrubber wrote a new blog post: Working principle of ultrasonic welding machine   hace 1 mes, 3 semanas · Ver

    Principle of welding Ultrasonic welding machine principle: When ultrasonic waves act on the contact surface of thermoplastic plastics, it will generate tens of thousands of high-frequency vibrations per second. This high-frequency vibration with a certain amplitude will transmit ultrasonic energy to the welding zone through the upper welding parts. Because of the large acoustic resistance […]

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