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Performance test of ultrasonic transducer

In ultrasonic technology, in order to evaluate the performance of the ultrasonic vibration system
And the effect of ultrasound, the performance of the ultrasound transducer must be
Number of tests [4%—45]
, The various parameters of the ultrasonic transducer can probably be
Divided into two categories: The first category is related to the vibration properties of the transducer itself.
Related physical quantities, such as the vibration displacement and vibration velocity of the transducer and their distribution,
The related test methods mainly include microscopy, interferometry and
And holographic method, etc., both absolute measurement and relative measurement
Test; the second category is the physical quantity related to the radiated sound field of the transducer,
Such as the radiated sound power, sound intensity and sound field distribution of the transducer, close
There are two main methods for the performance test of ultrasonic transducers, namely, Xiaoxin
There are two methods: number method and large signal method, currently related to power ultrasonic transducers
The test is basically limited to the test in the small signal state, the commonly used method
Methods include admittance and impedance circle method, transmission line method and power curve method
Etc. For receiving ultrasonic transducers, its performance requirements are similar to those of transmitting
Difference, so the test method is also different, for the receiving transducer
Receiver, receiving sensitivity is an important electroacoustic parameter, the measurement involved
There are two test methods, one is the comparison method, and the other is the reciprocity method. Generally speaking,
The comparison method is mainly used to calibrate the measurement transducer, while the reciprocity method is mainly used
For calibrating standard transducers,
Regarding the high-power performance test of the ultrasonic transducer, due to the
The nonlinearity of the amplifier and the complexity of the vibration system, such as waveform distortion and
And load changes, etc., there is no universal test method at home and abroad.
Law, there is also a lack of uniform international and national standards. Therefore, for some
The evaluation of practical power ultrasound technology lacks a unified standard and cannot
Measure high-power ultrasonic equipment, such as ultrasonic cleaning machines and welding machines, etc.


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