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Wired alarm advantages and disadvantages

The wired alarm is not really popular with individuals anymore. And yet, it offers several notable advantages, despite the constraints associated with its installation.



One of the main advantages of the wired alarm is that it is very difficult to hack. It does not use radio waves that can easily be jammed, unlike wireless alarms. Burglars have more difficulty getting through a wired alarm because they do not know the details of the installation. If they wanted to cut the wires, they wouldn’t know where they were because they were embedded in the walls. In addition, the wired alarm does not fear interference problems as the wired signal has a very low loss. This is why it is used to secure large dwellings, or rooms that rise on several levels. Regardless of the distance between the detectors and the alarm unit, the signal always passes very well thanks to the wired system. In addition, the wired alarm works with household electricity, and unlike the wireless alarm, it is not necessary to systematically check the condition of the batteries or battery.

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To say that the wired alarm system is outdated compared to the wireless alarm would be false. Indeed, several options can be added to the wired alarm system. For example, it is possible to associate a telephone long range rf transmitter and receiver with the alarm centre, so that the latter contacts the owners by automatic telephone call as soon as an anomaly is detected. In addition, it is possible to connect different types of detectors to the central alarm unit, as long as they are installed at the same time as the alarm system. For those who fear power cuts, there are hybrid alarms, which function like wired alarms, but which are equipped with a temporary autonomous system. He’ll take over when the power goes out. This ensures that the home or room to be monitored is protected without interruption.


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It should be noted that the installation of a wired alarm is somewhat restrictive. Indeed, it is essential to connect all detectors to the central alarm radio control systems when the entire system is installed, i.e. during the construction or renovation of the house to be secured. Indeed, the wired alarm is not adjustable at will. It will not be possible to add or remove a detector once everything is in place. And for good reason, the wired system must be embedded in order to be discreet and safe from hacking attempts. Moreover, it is not possible to uninstall a wired alarm during a move, because of the complexity of its installation. Finally, it should not be forgotten that the installation of a wired alarm system requires the intervention of a professional. Indeed, the routing of the various wiring, the installation of the various detectors or the choice of the ideal location for the alarm center will be defined by a person specialized in this field so that everything functions correctly.



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