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Different Enameled Wire Are Needed for the Market

The development and changes of electrical and electronic products make Enameled Wire users not satisfied with the use of enameled wire that meets the existing national standard. They often put higher and more requirements on the enameled wire according to the characteristics and requirements of their own products. In order to meet these requirements, in addition to further exploiting the potential of the production process, enameled wire factories often have to use new or modified enamelled lacquers or combine existing enamel enamels. Obviously, whether the enameled wire meets the requirements of the enameled wire user is inseparable from the performance and quality of the coated wire lacquer.

According to the survey of the wire and cable industry, the annual consumption of enameled wire in China is about 500,000 tons. Among them, the high-end market needs about 150,000 to 200,000 tons. Such enameled wires are mainly used in industries such as automobiles, sealed motors and color TVs. In this article, we will discuss the relationship between the requirements of enameled wire and the insulating varnish for enameled wire users in the high-end market based on our use of enamelled wire lacquer.

Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire for automotive industry, stability of enameled wire paint. In addition to size, electrical resistance and resilience, other properties of the enameled wire are related to the paint film. Therefore, in the case where the enamelling process is appropriate and stable, the enameled wire lacquer is a key factor affecting the performance of the enameled wire. In order to make the performance of the enameled wire stable, the quality of the enamelled wire lacquer must be stable and reliable with a certain process margin.

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