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Difference Between Z-Wave and ZigBee

Speaking of smart homes, the technology that many people think of is Zigbee, so what is the Z-Wave smart home?


What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a wireless communication technology that allows any node to communicate directly or indirectly with other neighboring nodes within the communication range, featuring low cost, low power consumption, and high reliability. And ZigBee is a short-range low-power wireless communication technology, such as CDMA and GSM networks. Беспроводной модуль Wi-Fi ZigBee’s data transmission module is similar to a mobile network base station and is mainly used for short-range wireless connections.

What are the characteristics of Z-Wave technology?

zwave has the characteristics of low cost, low power consumption, high reliability, and is suitable for short-distance wireless communication in the network. The working frequency band is 908.42MHz (US) ~ 868.42MHz (Europe), using FSK (BFSK/GFSK) modulation mode, the data transmission speed is 9.6kbps, and the effective range of the signal is 30m indoors and more than 100m outdoors.

What are the characteristics of ZigBee technology?

The characteristics of zigBee technology, such as low complexity, low power consumption, low speed, low cost, self-organizing network, high reliability, and beyond the line of sight, make zigbee technology popular. The technology operates at 868MHz, 915MHz or 2.4GHz, with 2.4GHz being the general ISM frequency. At present, the common zigbee chips are: CC2530, CC2538 produced by TI, and EM35 series produced by Siliconlabs.

Difference between zwave and zigBee:

  1. zwave is mainly used for monitoring of homes and small commercial buildings, such as: lighting control, smoke detectors, smart door locks, security and climate control and other scenarios.
  2. zigBee is mainly used in scenarios such as home automation, smart energy, communication, medical treatment, remote control (RF4CE, radio frequency of consumer appliances), building automation and retail cabinets.
  3. The protocol developed by Zigbee based on 802.15.4 can be used in smart home, Internet of Things and imitation systems (US). This is an open source protocol. Using zigbee chips, any company or individual can develop products. Ethernet ввод-вывод
  4. Zwave was developed by a consortium led by Denmark’s Zensys (acquired by siliconlabs). Mainly for smart home. Companies developing products using Zwave must contract with Zwave in order to obtain the SDK and develop products accordingly.
  5. Zigbee uses ISM2.4G frequency band, QSSS modulation method, 250Kbps rate, 16 frequency band, which can be used for free all over the world, but Zwave now only has 868/915M system, and the modulation method is FSK, which is more popular in Europe and the United States.

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