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  • zigbeemodule wrote a new blog post: Application of Internet of Things in Smart City Traffic Control   hace 1 año, 9 meses · Ver

    ThumbnailThe continuous development of technology has also brought significant changes to our cities. A smart city is the result of the latest technology, where people live better with the help of information and communication technology. What role does the Internet of Things play in the traffic management of smart cities? Smart cities make full use of […]

  • zigbeemodule wrote a new blog post: Difference Between Z-Wave and ZigBee   hace 1 año, 9 meses · Ver

    ThumbnailSpeaking of smart homes, the technology that many people think of is Zigbee, so what is the Z-Wave smart home? What is Z-Wave? Z-Wave is a wireless communication technology that allows any node to communicate directly or indirectly with other neighboring nodes within the communication range, featuring low cost, low power consumption, and high reliability. And ZigBee […]

  • zigbeemodule wrote a new blog post: IoT Plays a Key Role in Transforming Monitoring of Offshore Rigs   hace 1 año, 9 meses · Ver

    ThumbnailThe Internet of Things (IoT) has not left out any challenged industries, and it provides more opportunities for these industries to grow. Sanjeev Verma, CEO of Biz4Intellia, said that with its continued development in onshore oil and gas transportation, IoT has also begun to take hold in offshore rig monitoring, and sees the challenges of the […]

  • ThumbnailOperational amplifiers are very important components in analog circuits. They can form various circuits such as amplification, addition, subtraction, and conversion, and are widely used in circuit design. So, if the circuit is abnormal, how should we check whether it is the cause of the damage to the operational amplifier? That is to use the “virtual […]

  • zigbeemodule wrote a new blog post: Application of Wireless Sensors in Smart Home   hace 1 año, 10 meses · Ver

    ThumbnailWith the continuous development and maturity of wireless Датчик technology, wireless sensor network products have begun to gradually replace traditional wired sensor equipment with their unique advantages. Now wireless sensors have begun to be widely used in all aspects of the home furnishing field and become an emerging hot spot in the market. Light Sensor It is mainly […]

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