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Smart fish farming solution

With the increasingly serious water and soil erosion in our country and the serious shortage of land resources, aquaculture ponds have become a trend. However, due to the occurrence of sudden changes in the modern climate and the decline in benefits, how to improve the quality of aquaculture products will directly increase the economic income of fishermen. , realizing efficient, ecological and safe modern aquaculture has become a major problem to be solved urgently.

The traditional extensive aquaculture method, using manual observation, and simply relying on experience for aquaculture can easily cause untimely regulation during the aquaculture process, and it is extremely prone to phenomena such as “floating heads” and large areas of death, resulting in major economic losses.
Traditional farming methods can no longer meet the needs of precision and intelligence in modern aquaculture. With the development of my country’s fish farming industry, the fish farming system is actively promoting supply-side structural reforms.
With the complete ban on fishing in natural waters, a large number of fish farming has turned to fish pond farming. The most obvious difference between fish pond farming and natural flowing waters is that the flow of water in natural waters will greatly increase the oxygen content in the water, but fish pond farming often It is a pool of stagnant water, the oxygen content cannot be satisfied, and the oxygen content in the water cannot be guaranteed. Fish will cause hypoxia, and severe cases will lead to death. Traditional water and oxygen content usually relies on human judgment, and it is impossible to obtain intuitive data analysis.

Improve methods
①Oxygen is added through an aerator. Relying on the rotation of the motor, it drives the water splash to turn over to form water waves or currents to achieve the purpose of stirring the water. When the motor rotates, it hits the water surface to increase the air contact area of the water area and further increase the oxygen content in the water.
②The oxygen content value in water is collected by the oxygen sensor and displayed in an intuitive way, getting rid of the uncertainty of human control, and accurately finding out when and how long oxygen should be added, which is more scientific and reasonable.
③Through the remote control switch, the output value of the sensor can be directly collected, converted into a standard value and displayed intuitively through the mobile phone, and the status of the water can be viewed remotely through the mobile phone, and it can be set to automatically turn on the aerator when the water oxygen level is lower than 5ppm. When it reaches 8ppm, it will be automatically closed, and manual control will be replaced by automatic control to achieve the purpose of precision and convenience.

System composition
Adopt cloud intelligent remote control switch + water oxygen content sensor + aerator

Solution advantage
1. Low installation cost and low maintenance cost
2. Remote collection, accurate judgment, automatic control, real-time viewing
3. Simple installation, simple maintenance and convenient use
4. Fast response, high efficiency, automation

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