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What Properties Should Protective Stellite Alloy Tube Have

Stellite Alloy is a family of completely non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant cobalt alloys of various compositions that have been optimised for different uses. The alloy currently most suited for cutting tools, for example, is Stellite 100, because this alloy is quite hard, maintains a good cutting edge even at high temperature, and resists hardening and annealing. Other alloys are formulated to maximize combinations of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, or ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Stellite Alloy Tube become popular products of sytop

Product Features of Stellite 3

1. High temperature resistance
The strength keeps stable up to 800℃ and it can even momentarily used at 1500℃.

2. Wear resistance
Due mainly to the unique inherent characteristics of the hard carbide phase dispersed in a Stellite 12 matrix, it has exceptional wear and galling resistance.

3. Corrosion resistance
This exellent and lovely property allows this kind of material parts to be used in oil&gas, slurry, acid liquid and any other mediums.

1.What properties should protective stellite alloy tube have ?

(1).Thermal shock resistance

(2).Vibration resistance

(3).Large measurement range

(4).good pressure performance

(5).High mechanical strength

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