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Application of Cobalt in Cobalt Chrome Alloy

Sábado, enero 5, 2019

With superior physical and chemical properties, cobalt has been widely used in industrial sectors, especially in key parts of aerospace, aviation and nuclear energy, which cannot be replaced by other materials. 1.High-temperature alloy As a material resistant to high temperature […]

Cobalt Chromium Alloy (Stellite Alloy)

Jueves, enero 3, 2019

Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd is the leader cobalt chrome alloy manufacturer, Cobalt Chrome Alloy is one kind of wear ,galling and corrosion resistance alloy, its remain there properties at high temperature , another name is stellite alloy , but […]

Industrial Applications (Cobalt Chrome Alloy)

Martes, enero 1, 2019

Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd, Started in 2001, we have almost 20 years producing experience for Cobalt Alloy and stellite alloy products and 10 years exporting experience served satisfied customers in over 50 countries. We have a range of Cobalt […]

The Difference Between Cobalt Alloy And Nickel Alloy

Domingo, diciembre 30, 2018

The Difference Between Cobalt Alloy And Nickel Alloy. 1.Thermal stability One of the important reasons why cobalt alloys are used as aviation material is its excellent thermal stability. Cobalt alloys have a high melting point and thermal conductivity and less […]

Development of Cobalt Chrome Alloy Welding Wire

Martes, diciembre 25, 2018

Development of Non-Ferrous Metal Material Cobalt Chrome Alloy Welding Wire. Cobalt Alloy wire is an alloy made of metal cobalt. Cobalt alloy is a general name for one or several alloys of cobalt and chromium, tungsten, iron and nickel. Tool […]

Characteristics of Sytop Cobalt Chrome Alloy for Welding Rods

Miércoles, diciembre 12, 2018

Cobalt Chrome Alloy electrode base material casting cobalt-based superalloy is largely dependent on carbide strengthening. Pure cobalt crystals are densely packed hexagonal (hcp) crystal structures below 417 ° C and converted to fcc at higher temperatures. In order to avoid […]

The Strengthening Phase of Cobalt Chrome Alloy Wire

Martes, diciembre 11, 2018

Cobalt Alloy wire is made of cobalt as a main component, containing a considerable amount of nickel, chromium, tungsten and a small amount of alloying elements such as molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, titanium, niobium, and occasionally iron. Depending on the composition […]

3 Points to Purchase Cobalt Chrome Alloy Welding Wire

Viernes, diciembre 7, 2018

Cobalt Alloy welding wire, HS101 high chromium cast iron surfacing wire surfacing layer hardness HEC48-54 Main features and uses; Surfacing layer has good oxidation and cavitation resistance, high hardness and good wear resistance. Used in applications requiring strong wear and […]

Development of Cobalt Chrome Alloy Welding Wire

Jueves, diciembre 6, 2018

In the process of welding, the Cobalt Chrome Alloy welding wire must be welded to the transition layer. After the completion of the welding, the wear layer should be surfacing. Before the welding, the preheating work should be carried out […]

How to Deal With the Moisture of Cobalt Alloy Electrode

Martes, noviembre 27, 2018

Cobalt Alloy electrode deposited metal has excellent comprehensive heat resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and can maintain high hardness at temperatures above 600 degrees.When the cobalt alloy electrode deposited metal contains 25-33% of chromium, it has oxidation resistance, and […]