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Why are there so many fish in areas with withered grass?

When there is no fish biting the hook after the above actions, you should take the fishing method. Suitable fishing position 1. Use the hook to drag the selected fishing point for a few times, try a few times to see if the fishing point is bottomed, first find out the depth and the distribution of the grass nest, and finally find the empty space of the withered grass for easy hooking The location of the bait. After fishing for a few dens, you can move the fishing position to continue fishing.

Withered grass can block the cold wind and absorb sunlight easily.) stand out from the water. You can also watch the fish star fishing in the nest. The reason is simple. Bait. When you know that there is no fish to eat the bait, you can change to another fishing spot. The selection of positions for spring fishing withered grass is an important part of successful fishing, and it is also the key to the amount of fishing. In early spring, the fish laughed and it was not easy to eat into the mouth.

The best way to feed the nest is to use a bait feeder to accurately concentrate the bait into the nest and do not throw it by hand. Although they are yellow, they are not rotten. Therefore, fishermen should not wholesale fish finder rush to the new venue to make fixed-point casts. Falling. Round fishing plus tease fishing. 3. Hook. First, there is enough oxygen, plenty of bait, and convenient for fish activities.

Why are there so many fish in areas with withered grass? This is because for one thing, there are foods that fish love to eat in the withered grass. They like to gather in the withered grass leeward and sunny. In the early spring when the temperature is lower, the warmer fish are more likely to run here. You can’t lure them with bait. Moderate fishing group 1. The dead grass should be sparse and not dense, with gaps between the aquatic plants. In early spring, the diet of crucian carp tends to be meat bait, so earthworms, red worms, and white maggots become the first choice for fishing in the withered grass.


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