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Too much moisture will make the hair dryer work too long

The hair dryer is a high-radiation household appliance, and its radiation is the largest when it is turned on and off. Silicone oil-free Sapindus moisturizing and nourishing shampoo can replenish moisture and nutrients for the scalp Hair Dryers Manufacturers and hair from the source, effectively improving the state of frizz, dryness and dehydration. 1. 5. 3. After shampooing with a three-stage hair dryer, first use a dry towel to absorb the moisture from the hair. Be careful not to let the hot air stay on the hair for too long; also, the scales of wet hair are open Yes, blowing in the direction of hair growth will close the hair scales.

How to use the hair dryer correctly 1.The radiation amount of different hair dryer power is different, and the radiation of a slightly higher power hair dryer is also According to the testing data of Shanghai Environmental Radiation Research and Monitoring Center, it is known that the radiation value of a general household electric hair dryer of 000W is about 350mG, while the radiation value of TV and computer monitors we often use is about 45mG and 100mG, respectively. 6. It is best not to hold the area around the air outlet. Dry the hair roots and then blow the tips, or let the hair tips air dry naturally to reduce the damage of the hair dryer. Oh. Moisturizing and supple, reducing the loss of hair moisture and nutrients. At the same time, use your fingers to smooth the hair while blowing.

Too close will cause heat damage to the hair. First, tie the upper hair to the top of the head and dry the lower hair. Hair will naturally dry out easily when exposed to high temperature. Avoid letting it touch the hair. Silicone-free shampoo is positioned in the high-end care market, tailor-made for fashionable women aged 25 to 35 who pursue health and beauty. This state is the best, and the scalp will enter the body when the scalp is not dry. The hair dryer will damage the hair quality. Keep in mind the above methods when using a hair dryer. The radiation of blowing is great. 3 , Hair dryer blowing hair has a large radiation to the human body. To the lowest.

Otherwise, too much moisture will make the hair dryer work too long. In fact, the blower is also harmful to the hair, but as long as you use the hair dryer correctly, there will be no damage. Keep moving the air outlet 10-20 cm away from the hair. The water penetrating from the hair roots will make you useless. Before using the hair dryer, you can apply heat insulation products to the hair to isolate the overheated temperature before the hair to prevent the hair protein from being damaged and causing the hair to break at high temperatures. If the hair is thicker and thicker, you can blow part by part. You should blow your hair to 80% dryness and let it dry naturally


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