Archivos de junio, 2020

Fan-shaped animal crossing tool can predict the weather, meteor shower and rainbow on the island

Sábado, junio 20, 2020

In Animal Crossing you may encounter the same situation as in reality, that is, greetings from nature. Our mood is different every day, and the weather is also the same. Sometimes the blue sky and white clouds are clear, and […]

Players can enjoy the cutest Pride Festival in Animal Crossing

Viernes, junio 19, 2020

  Since its launch in March 2020, the idea of ​​Animal Crossing: Pride Festival of New Horizons has been born. And those of us who want the absolute cutest experience will make it spring up through the cute cast of […]

Animal crossing the island caused great repercussions in the game world

Jueves, junio 18, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to customize their islands, houses, and characters quite extensively. Many players have played a cross-border role in video games, because it has a wide degree of freedom, giving players a lot of room for […]

How long will this cute game Animal Crossing: New Horizons last?

Miércoles, junio 17, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very interesting little game, basically a toy house, where players can collect and arrange furniture, villagers, trees and flowers to create their own island paradise, visit a few minutes or a few Minutes and […]

What you need to know in the old-school Runescape game

Martes, junio 16, 2020

RuneScape is a medieval fantasy MMORPG developed and distributed by Jagex Game Studios. It is one of the longest-running MMORPG, new players continue to enter the world of Eleanor. When starting the game, players can choose various hairstyles, facial hair, […]

Runescape Mobile has gradually become popular

Lunes, junio 15, 2020

Runescape Mobile is more and more loved by more players. The mobile version and the PC version of the game have interactive functions and will not affect the player’s level and experience. Runescape Mobile will be a complete desktop version, […]

Old School RuneScape won the vampire city, Darkmeyer

Sábado, junio 6, 2020

In the Old School RuneScape, as the new mission “Sin of the Father”, many players should be familiar with it. It takes you into a long-running storyline, allowing freedom warrior Myreque to try from the dreaded vampire leader Lord Dragan […]

Illegal gold cultivation will eventually be hit by Old School Runescape

Viernes, junio 5, 2020

Someone published a guide about the old-fashioned Runescape subreddit, which effectively makes anyone from the United States a target in the game, whether or not they are engaged in gold cultivation. Yes, it is annoying to violate the rules of […]

A quick guide to the old-school Runescape Ironman mode

Jueves, junio 4, 2020

It is not easy to become an iron man in the old school Runescape. To survive, you must be completely self-sufficient. Collecting RS Gold and other seemingly wealthy items will require two (if not three) jobs. Whether you want to […]

Old School RuneScape Player Tata Sleepy wins DMM Championship

Miércoles, junio 3, 2020

Old School RuneScape has won the one-month DMM Championship this past weekend. Jagex has made a great contribution to the PlayApartTogether program in the gaming industry. Thousands of gamers have signed up to have the opportunity to prove that they […]