Archivos de agosto, 2020

RuneScape’s Community Awards Will Be Virtual This Year

Lunes, agosto 31, 2020

The RuneScape Team announced that the 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards will be happening later this year! Obviously, in this year of COVID-19, things will be a little different this time. The 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards will be a […]

Animals across new horizons: how to catch a red dragonfly

Sábado, agosto 29, 2020

With the coming of September, animals in the northern hemisphere will cross: a new batch of insects will usher on the islands of New Horizons. Red dragonflies are one of them. According to experience, red dragonflies are fairly common insects […]

How will Runescape’s new archaeological skills spread?

Viernes, agosto 28, 2020

Archaeological discoveries show that Runescape follows the trend of excavating its latest major updates in the past. Players can jump between the five main excavation locations in Gielinor, unearth, and restore artifacts. In archeological missions, Cheap RS Gold is indispensable […]

What is OSRS Bonecrusher?

Miércoles, agosto 26, 2020

Bonecrusher is a reward for Morytania Diary in OSRS. The model of the item was originally made by content developer Mod Ash. This is because the artist team was busy dealing with other diary projects. To do this, the developers […] tells you how to buy OSRS Gold safely

Martes, agosto 25, 2020

  OSRS Gold is one of the important components of the MMO game with wide influence. However, there are two main ways for players to obtain OSRS Gold, one is to do tasks, and the other is to trade. To […]

RuneScape updates Alchemy Hydrix this week

Viernes, agosto 21, 2020

This week’s mysterious update is Alchem ​​Hydrix. As for what Alchem ​​Hydrix is ​​and how it was refined, perhaps we don’t know it professionally. For those who are not familiar with these, this is a high-grade gemstone suitable for the […]

From PC to mobile devices, RuneScape has been adapting to the needs of the times

Lunes, agosto 10, 2020

  Runescape is a very well-known free game that has affected the childhood lives of many people. Because almost every current office worker and student family know Runescape this game. The game establishes a close connection between family and friends […]

How to catch moray eels in animals crossing new horizons

Miércoles, agosto 5, 2020

Morays appear on islands in the northern hemisphere from August to October, and on islands in the southern hemisphere from February to April. And now is the season for eels in the northern hemisphere. Players in the northern hemisphere can […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.4: How much do you know about Dream Bell Exchange tickets?

Martes, agosto 4, 2020

  Recently in the 1.4 version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the more interesting is Dream Bell Exchange tickets. Of course, the Dream Bell Exchange tickets that everyone pays more attention to, because most people don’t know it very well. […]