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  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best Indianapolis Colts card in MUT   hace 1 semana, 2 días · Ver

      The Colts have nearly a 500 team since 1995, and Manning is considered by many to be one of the greatest players of all time. The five NFL MVP holds the NFL record for most passes and TDs in a season and many other events. In the game players need to collect enough  MUT Coins […]
  •   As the NFL season approaches and comes to an end, the Madden Ultimate Team game is also in its mid-term, and the new Football Outsiders card has been displayed in front of the public. As players, we are more concerned that the number of  MUT Coins that can be collected is the best result for […]

  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: Which team in Madden 20 has the best defense?   hace 1 semana, 5 días · Ver

    The best defense in Madden 20 is as obvious as the actual NFL. The offense has attracted a lot of attention in Madden 20 and all other parts of the football series, but good defense can completely change the number of wins you get. In Madden 20, you can choose a total of 32 defensive […]

  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: Madden 20: Our NFL Division Tournament Saturday Playoff Simulation Results   hace 1 semana, 6 días · Ver

      We used Madden 20 to simulate Saturday’s NFL division playoff game to determine the winner between the Vikings 49ers and the Titans. Players must pay attention to  MUT Coins in the game, it has a great effect. Madden 20 encountered tough things when starting the 2019-20 NFL playoffs. Our annual simulations and predictions are very […]

  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: Hidden Eggs Of Madden NFL 20 You Didn’t Know   hace 2 semanas · Ver

    You might not be playing Madden NFL 20 for the first time, simulating football on PC, PS4 and more electronic devices can really create much fun. Actually, Madden NFL 20 has been added a lot of new features as the latest version of this series, such as Superstar X-Factor, but it is still hard to […]

  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: Madden 20: NFL playoffs prediction Division Series   hace 2 semanas, 1 día · Ver

      Subdivision playoffs after the game, the Minnesota Vikings into New Orleans in overtime beat the Saints, it is not even the only weekend overtime, as the Houston Texans swept back from 16-0 vacancy Bill, the winner in overtime. Meanwhile, the Giants went to Tennessee New England Patriots ended the season, and possibly the end […]
  • Madden 20’s January patch introduces a new set of legends and stars for use in Superstar KO mode. Chicago Bears legends Brian Urlacher and Randall Cunningham, Ed “To Tall” Jones and Andre Reed also joined.
    The new mode is very popular in the Madden Ultimate Team universe, and the addition of new players will only increase our […]
  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: How to join Madden 20 for MUT rewards   hace 2 semanas, 4 días · Ver

    Signing up for Madden 20 rewards is a very simple process and it only takes you some time. Just visit the Madden official website and create or log in to an EA Sports account to start earning rewards. In addition to packages and Madden 20 Coins , signed players will also be eligible to participate in the […]

  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: The path of exile: A Secret to Survival Metamorphosis   hace 2 semanas, 5 días · Ver

      The ppath of exile recently released one of the largest expansions to date. The conquerors of Atlas eliminated endgames by adding new bosses, completely overhauled the endgame system, and brought new loot and rewards to do the harder things. With this new extension, The path of exile is easy to have one of the […]

  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: Madden NFL 20 warns us about pirates   hace 2 semanas, 6 días · Ver

    When the Pirates hired Bruce Arians as head coach in January, they hoped he could lead the group into their first playoff appearance since 2007, at least end that has a win. We use Madden NFL 20 to predict Bucs’ record. We simulated 10 seasons and also the average result was 6-10. Tampa Bay actual […]

  • We used Madden 20 to simulate Saturday’s NFL field card playoff game to look for the winner involving the Vikings and also the Seahawks. Players need Madden Coins amongst players to ensure better play. Madden underperformed on Saturday, 0-2 inside forecast. Both the Houston Texans as well as the Tennessee Titans have advanced inside the AFC […]

  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: Madden Gaming League Sees NFL’s Coming Steady Growth   hace 3 semanas, 1 día · Ver

      Over the past decade, Electronic Arts hope to take the Madden Championship series to a new level through several strategic initiatives. This year, EA also specifically changed the dates of the four major events of the Madden Championship Series to align with the tent events in the NFL season. The most prestigious is the […]

  •   Rob Gronkowski, the dead-end of the legendary Patriots, highlights part 3 of Madden 20 Ultimate Team’s zero-degree cold plan.he more Madden Coins you have in your hands, the faster your game skills will improve. Part 3 of Madden Ultimate Team’s Zero Chill program is coming to an end, an annual winter-themed special event that includes […]

  •   If you’re part of a league, or maybe someone in a tough environment, you know that only one team can win the Lombard Trophy every year. Being the general manager (general manager) may help. But for those who know they are not the best players in the world, being the most profitable general manager […]

  • Madden 20 Ultimate Team’s NFL Top 100 program would be the NFL’s centennial event, which ended now with the relieve of four legendary quarterbacks. Special editions of Joe Montana, John Elway, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning at the moment are available in MUT.In the game,  MUT Coins will help you a lot. It’s no real surprise […]

  • In recent years, Madden’s running skills have been adjusted in Madden 20 to a well-balanced position between arcade and realism. So, how to improve running games? Players should not forget our GameMS website after reading this. Here are the MUT 20 Coins you are most looking forward to. Play call Playing a call is related to […]

  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: Path of Exile 2 developers talk about Diablo 4   hace 1 mes · Ver

      Grinding Gear Games founder Chris Wilson discussed their reaction to the unveiling of Blizzard Entertainment’s next issue of Diablo 4. Blizzard is more like gambling, and the game design decisions it makes may be of great benefit to their games, and may also harm the development of the games. Players will not know the […]

  •   Lamar Jackson became the fastest quarterback in Madden’s history at the beginning of the season, but who else can join him at the top of Madden’s 20th speed ranking? The double-threatening quarterback can make a variety of suitable choices for defense, and in Madden 20 we can finally run the appropriate running option (RPO). […]

  • wendyg wrote a new blog post: Saints WR Michael Thomas joins Madden 20’s 99 club   hace 1 mes · Ver

      GameMS.com wants players to make greater promotions when Christmas approaches. Now anyone who buys any product on the website can get a 6% discount using the code “XMAS”, of course, any product here also includes the very popular Madden NFL 20 Coins . And the special offer will end on January 5, 2020. After breaking most […]

  •   Players won the grand prize in Madden NFL 20. No matter who they are, I think all players will celebrate together. Of course, if you want to win the game, accumulating MUT 20 Coins is a must. Volterax scored Drini 28-13 in the Madden 20 Club Championship final and collected a $ 100,000 championship prize […]

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