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Application of Wireless Sensors in Smart Home

With the continuous development and maturity of wireless Датчик technology, wireless sensor network products have begun to gradually replace traditional wired sensor equipment with their unique advantages. Now wireless sensors have begun to be widely used in all aspects of the home furnishing field and become an emerging hot spot in the market.

Wireless Sensors

Light Sensor

It is mainly used to measure the brightness of indoor visible light to adjust the indoor brightness. The sensor can convert visible light into electrical signal output. Through the detection and drive control of the sensor, it can be realized that when the indoor light is abundant, the preset lamp switch is actively closed, and when the indoor luminosity is not enough, the preset lamp switch is actively opened.

Temperature Sensor

It is mainly used to detect the change in indoor temperature, and it is convenient to adjust the indoor temperature. It senses the temperature and converts it into a usable output signal. When the temperature is high, the air conditioner begins to cool, and when the temperature is low, the air conditioner begins to heat up.

Humidity Sensor

It is mainly used to test the humidity in the room. The sensor detects the amount of water vapor in the gas and converts it into an electrical signal output. The humidity sensor detects the indoor humidity parameters and triggers the control switch on demand to activate the humidification control command.

Gas Sensor

Gas sensors are mainly used to detect the composition of special gases in the air. The sensor is made by using the principle that the wave speed and frequency of the surface acoustic wave device have a positive correlation with the change in the external environment. In other words, when the gas-sensitive film interacts with the gas to be measured, the quality and conductivity of the gas-sensitive film layer change, causing the wave frequency of the acoustic surface of the piezoelectric crystal to drift. The gas concentration changes and the size of the change in the quality and conductivity of the film layer also changes.

Sound Sensor

It is mainly used to test indoor sound to achieve the effect of voice control. The sound sensor has small shrapnel to sense the sound and convert the sound signal into an electrical signal through a relay. When the sound is loud enough, the electrical signal is also loud enough, and the electrical signal is transmitted to the contact of the switch. to make the circuit on or off.

Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

It can convert infrared signals with a wavelength of about 10μmu into electrical signals. When there is no human body moving, the sensor detects only the background temperature of the place. If there is a human body entering the detection area, through the Fresnel lens, the sensor detects the difference between the human body temperature and the background temperature. Using the principle of this sensor, it is possible to have a wide range of automatic alarm devices, inductive faucets, automatic flushing toilets, automatic lighting, and automatic curtains.

Now we know wireless sensors are widely used in our daily life, and can you share what kind of wireless sensors you use? Please leave them in the comment zone.

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