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The salts can be used right after they have dried

The season of giving is upon us as the holidays are rapidly approaching. You may find yourself wracking your brain trying to come up with some fun and inexpensive gifts to give this season. Rest assured that everyone loves and appreciates a good old homemade gift. Keep reading for some great gift ideas for this holiday season. The first beautiful gift that you can make, even with your child, is a Candy Kiss Rose Bud. This gift only takes about twenty minutes to create. You will first need to gather the following materials: 2 Hershey’s Kisses Candies, colored cellophane (you can also use clear if you want to), floral tape, wooden skewer, scissors, craft foam, optional silk flower leaves, and cellophane tape.

After you have gathered all of your materials you are going to want to use a piece of tape to join your two kisses together from bottom to bottom. Next, cut a piece of your colored (or clear) cellophane into a six-inch square. Take and place one of the tips of the kisses into the center of the cellophane. Now take and fold the cellophane up and around both of the kisses. Once they are covered twist the cellophane in order to secure it. Once that is done you are going to want to hold the wrapped up kisses against your wooden skewer will wrapping tightly using your floral tape. You are going to want to wind the tape all the way down your skewer. You can also choose to use the silk leaves or crafting foam to make some leaves for your rose bud. Make one rose bud or make a bouquet.You can also make some very fun and colored bath salts for the ladies in your life. All you will need to create your bath salts are a bottle or jar, food coloring, Epsom salts and essential oil (peppermint smells amazing for this).

Now you will need to fill your jar with the Epsom salts while taking care to leave enough room to add the food coloring so that you can stir well to even out the color. Next, add the scent to the colored salts. Once that is complete, you are going to want to spread the mixture onto a sheet of wax paper so that it can dry. After the salts have dried for a few hours you can then place them back in the jar. The salts can be used right after they have dried. However, Shower Mixer if you allow them to sit for a few weeks the smell will have a chance to blend better. With a little adaptation the above crafts are suitable for Valentine’s Day gifts also. Use pink or red colors and include a gift card that expresses your heartfelt affection for the gift recipient.


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