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Development of Cobalt Chrome Alloy Welding Wire

In the process of welding, the Cobalt Chrome Alloy welding wire must be welded to the transition layer. After the completion of the welding, the wear layer should be surfacing. Before the welding, the preheating work should be carried out before the welding, so that the welding must be carried out before the welding. After the layer is completed, the wear layer is surfacing, and the preheating work before welding is performed before the welding, so that the temperature of the inside and outside of the flux cored wire is about the same, the wire is used for cleaning, and again, the position of the welding is adjusted. Then, turn on the power of the welder and adjust the position of the wire so that the wire is covered with the edge of the flux. In this way, the flux-cored wire is not so easily damaged, which is also a kind of improvement of construction efficiency.

In recent years, in the context of rapid economic growth, the sales of wear-resistant welding wire has been relatively good, because the economy is developing, then our industry will definitely grow rapidly under the premise of economic growth. The wear resistant wire has good anti-abrasive wear resistance, impact abrasion resistance and adhesive wear resistance. High temperature wear resistance, corrosion and wear resistance and excellent resistance to composite wear of more than two types.

Wear-resistant Cobalt Alloy welding wire is constantly developing in China. At the same time, in the continuous innovation of accompanying technology, for the use of wear-resistant welding wire, we must first pay attention to the similarities and differences between the wear-resistant welding wire and the solid welding wire in the process, as well as the gas-shielded welding in the wear-resistant welding wire. The difference between self-shielded welding and secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of core of the wear-resistant welding wire and some characteristics of the welding.

Ordinary wear-resistant Cobalt Alloy Blade wire has a continuous gap on the side of its steel skin due to the constraints of its manufacturing form. Therefore, the wear-resistant cobalt alloy wire should not be left too long after opening the package to prevent excessive moisture absorption and affect the welding quality.

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