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Animal Crossing: the best way to kill all those cockroaches

Whether in reality or in games, we all hate cockroaches because they can easily invade the home. They will make your game character look unhealthy and will even greatly reduce the player’s Happy Home Academy score.

Cockroaches reproduce very fast, and the only way to solve this problem is to kill them. Fortunately, cockroaches in games are not as destructive as cockroaches in real life. The furniture and house structure will not be damaged, and the character will not get sick or be bitten.

In Animals across new horizons, the most common strategy to eliminate cockroaches is to chase them around and squash them. Cockroaches just walked by or ran past. If there are not too many cockroaches, this method is effective. A lot of ACNH Bells are needed to do missions in the game, and players will also get rich rewards after completing the missions.

When you encounter a large number of cockroaches, or the location is relatively hidden, it may be tricky for the player to catch cockroaches. These bugs are fast and are good at hiding under furniture, forcing players to move furniture or waiting for the bugs to hide.

Players must check the underside of every piece of furniture in the house by moving or storing furniture to ensure that all cockroaches are killed. However, there is a more effective strategy to eliminate cockroaches, which not only saves time but is also very effective.

In the design mode, it is much easier to just put bulky furniture on top of bed bugs instead of moving bulky beds or tables and squeeze the cockroaches. After pressing the down arrow to enter the design mode, the player can pick up any furniture and use A to hold it in the air, and then place it on any cockroaches generated on the floor. Furniture occupies more space, while players run less. This also helps to eliminate potential hiding places for cockroaches. Using this method, the player will effectively remove multiple cockroaches with minimal effort.

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