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Which suit combinations from Animal Crossing: New Horizons have you used?

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides players with many customization opportunities, including opportunities when it comes to character houses. Collected and selected countless furniture series in New Vision. The advantage of this kit is that you can easily get various styles of decoration without too much consideration.

Renovating houses in New Horizons is the most time-consuming activity. Players need and get enough Nook Miles Tickets to pay for all furniture. Although furniture preferences depend to a large extent on personal taste, there are several series that are different from other furniture in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Fruit set: The fruit set is probably one of the strangest furniture sets players can find in the game. Players can buy everything from a pear wardrobe to an apple-shaped TV or chair. The floral suit is perfect for people who want to add feminine charm to their space. Log collection can easily transform an animal from a home into a comfortable cabin. Players can get log stools, log wall clocks, and log beds.

The gold suit is suitable for kings or queens because each piece is made of pure gold. The furniture that can be found in this series includes golden tableware, golden toilets, and golden coffins. Tableware: Tableware is one of the unique furniture in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Players can combine retro themes with items in the row, including neon lights and signs, small tables and chairs, and matching tables.

In addition to these impressive collections, you can also find a large number of exquisite furniture in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the player’s choice depends largely on personal preference. ACBellsBuy has prepared very interesting suits for players on the Animal Crossing project page. You can also Buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets from ACBellsBuy to assemble it yourself.

Many players are surprised when they see it. And the number of suits here is limited, so you don’t have to worry about repeating them with others, because these are ours. Several suits carefully selected by the designer are very suitable for players.

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