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Poll 72 Old School RuneScape Changes List

More than a month ago, Jagex planned to open poll 71 to collect feedback and comments from players on the next round of wanted content in Old School RuneScape, including:

We have split the UIM question into three to gauge where the consensus is between the various answer choices.

We have clarified that players can exchange Spirit Tree saplings as well as Spirit Tree seeds for a seed pack. Currently, these Poll 72 changes have been listed in the OSRS update.

In the latest edition of the Gielinor Bulletin, we put forward proposals for the renovation of the Player Owned House clothing room, including a stylish new interface and the ability to accept incomplete equipment and store spare parts. Before voting, be sure to read the information in the Gazette! Having more OSRS Gold can help you get more equipment in the game

We know that being able to store and retrieve incomplete clothing from the clothing room will have a huge impact on the Ultimate Iron account. Maybe you feel that your mode should change with the rest of the game or maybe you think this update will make Gielinor’s life too easy.

We will use the following three questions to see what aspects of UIM can accept updates. The selected restriction will apply to all storage units in the clothing room, including treasure chests and armor boxes.

We will start a magical and mysterious journey in Gu’ Tanoth, and we want to add an unlockable agile shortcut to the nearby hard prompt scrolling position. To unlock the shortcut, you need 71 agility and complete the “Watchtower” mission. Of course, this route is faster than walking across the bridge there.

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