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Those larger than φ20 mm will soon be produced

At present, the factory has begun to supply various pipe joints with hose inner diameters below φ20 mm, and those larger than φ20 mm will soon be produced. The Machine Tool Plant has successively adopted plastic-coated metal hoses on some export grinders to solve the export needs. , Strong pull-out resistance, beautiful appearance, waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof, which meets the requirements of use.

With the development of the plastic industry, this kind of plastic-coated hose will have its broad prospects for development. The inner diameter d1 of the pierced pipe joint is slightly larger than that of the non-pierced pipe, and the internally rotated copper sleeve is omitted (the internally rotated copper sleeve can also be supplied together when ordering). The first part of the first part of the ‘General Machine Tool Electric Power Transmission and Control’ of JB2738-80 ‘Technical Conditions of Machine Tool Electrical Equipment’ has stipulated that the use of metal hoses and their

The matching parts must be of a structural type that can prevent oil or coolant from entering the pipe. In order to meet different installation requirements, the installation thread d has a difference between a metric thread and a pipe thread. Metal hoses without a plastic protective layer have gradually been eliminated from machine tool thread connector factory products in these countries. . At present, the domestic machine tool and other machinery industries will fully move closer to international standards.

They all began to supply to various machine tool factories and other units. Now, Cable Research Institute has put into mass production of various specifications of products, and Metal Hose Factory has also put into mass production of various specifications of hoses with an inner diameter of φ20 mm or less. The inner-rotating copper sleeve is processed by a special rolling process with a brass skin.


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