Metal hoses are used in the piping systems of some huge buildings

This is the main reason why metal hoses must be used in certain piping systems.Compensation for the position movement of the pipeline. Due to the need of loading and unloading molds, the movable cylinder on the vulcanizing machine will move upward and downward. After the copper serpentine tube reciprocates for many times, fatigue fracture will occur. Although it can be used after repairing, it will cause time loss if it is stopped and repaired.

Although rubber hose has good softness and strong fatigue resistance, it is also a weak link in terms of pressure bearing, temperature resistance, and aging resistance. Generally, it cannot continue after a few months of use. The good comprehensive performance of the metal hose is fully embodied here. In general industrial fields, in addition to pressure and temperature, there are often harsh conditions such as fatigue, corrosion, vibration, compression, and impact.

Under such circumstances, metal hoses are used to compensate for the positional movement of the pipeline. It is the most suitable. 3. Absorb the vibration of the pipeline system. Connecting metal hoses in series on the connecting pipeline can not only absorb part of the noise generated by the vibration of the unit, brass pipe fitting Factory but also absorb the noise generated by the pulsation of the fluid in the pipeline system, which greatly improves the environment in the house.

Metal hose can absorb vibration, it can not only improve the fatigue damage ability of the system, but also achieve the effect of reducing noise. Therefore, metal hoses are used in the piping systems of some huge buildings, and this is the reason.


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