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What you should know about foam hand soap

Lunes, diciembre 28, 2020

A very important part of the mixture is the actual mixing. Its never recommended to shake or stir your mixture with a closed lid. Instead, use a spoon to stir your non-foaming soap and water throughly. Be sure that your […]

How to measure the pump cap and flip cap of a cosmetic bottle

Jueves, diciembre 24, 2020

The process of manufacturing plastic bottles and plastic caps are entirely different, so the manufacturers for both are usually different too. If you have recently entered the cosmetics or hand sanitizer market, it would be quite unfamiliar, that there is […]

What is a pressure sensitive liner

Martes, diciembre 22, 2020

So you’ve been doing some research about which closures will work best for your product and you have quite a few questions. Do I need a liner? If I need a liner, should I get a foam liner or a […]

Why does a spray bottle work

Martes, diciembre 15, 2020

I took apart a simple spray bottle to see how it kept fluid flowing only in one direction from the reservoir to the nozzle. It does so with simple check valves made of two pieces of plastic, a spring, and […]

What are the components of the pump parts

Lunes, diciembre 14, 2020

The actuator is the top part of the pump that you push down on to dispense whatever viscous substance is inside the container.  It’s what allows the pump to operate. It’s common that the actuator will feature a locking mechanism […]

How to open the bottle with flip cap

Miércoles, diciembre 9, 2020

Bottles or containers of today are getting updated with flip cap openers. The use of normal screw bottle caps has been reduced with more easy and advanced cap designs in the market. But with new upcoming design, new strategies should […]

Hand Sanitizer Bottles and Alternative Packaging

Lunes, diciembre 7, 2020

With the increasing demand for sanitization products in recent weeks. Containers such as Cosmo Round Bottle packaging with Flip & Disc top closures have had an increase in demand as well. Here at, We have plenty to offer with the selection […]

How to get rid of the cheap image of plastic bottle packaging

Viernes, diciembre 4, 2020

There Sprayer Pumps are many materials and types of plastic bottles. The numbers on the bottom of plastic bottles range from 1-7, which represent different materials. Coupled with the evolution of various production and processing techniques for plastic bottles. Makes […]